Sunday, August 03, 2008


After days of stalking, I have yet to be able to scent whatever giant creature tried to break into the house, so I decided to distract myself with this electronic mess. Talking into these key things is not so hard since fellow felines pushed the tall-ies to get cat support into this "OS" thing under that "Universal Access" name. However, just trying to confine one's thoughts to this strange tongue of scratched squiggles does still take almost too much effort.

(Bah. Stupid webcam. So hard to focus)

Things have settled down nicely here, although Dontmesswith-Momma and Gets-Me-Food have been gone for a few days now. Annoying-Little-Sister and I have resigned ourselves to waiting upon their return for things to be completely restored to normal. At least the normal food and water have been kept regular.

Little-Loud-One has improved her behavior much of late, so I have generously allowed her to share my space and give me a proper due of scritchies and pets. She learned early on not to pounce at me, since I am by far the better hunter and champion claws. She still does have that annoying habit of trying to hug and cuddle me a bit too tightly. Bah! I am not a dog. Silly person. However, since she has been improving about being soft and gentle around me, so I have decide that the best thing is to just sleep laying against here while she plays, but in just the right spot so that she can not move without disturbing me. Hah! Trapped.

Bouncy-But-Kind still remains the favorite of my little sister. He is nice and all, but I am not quite sure why she can not see that Dontmesswith-Momma and Gets-Me-Food are better to lounge around with. He has been playing that silly guitar noise game again, but I properly have trained him to do so while I flop on top of his feet and sleep. Being the eldest, the largest open spots are mine by right, of course. He is very good with leaving us to our timing, and not trying to chase us. Unlike some silly ones, he understands how much faster and fleeter of foot I am.

Ah, well duty calls again. I am sure that Dontmesswith-Momma enjoys my being on here, since she set such an easy to paw password. But then again I did have to watch her a few times to get it down. Oh well... off to work...

Twinkie, who must nap

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2 sent chocolate:

Summer said...


Good thing my cats haven't figured out blogging yet.

TLC said...

summer: Yeah, this was quite the surprise. And I am very impressed with the vocabulary and spelling of Twinkie... none of that LOLspeak for him...I think he is gifted. ::g::

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