Sunday, August 03, 2008

Quick Clean Up! Mom's Coming Home!

Hurry up you guys! T's on her way home RIGHT NOW! We better spruce up the place. Get those kegs out of here, and those soggy pizza boxes. Someone get that lamp glued back together STAT! 

I was supposed to do a better job of keeping up the place this week while T was gone, but of course I managed to let the fish die, the lawn go brown and I'm not certain but I think that someone stole the birdbath out of the garden too. She is going to ground me. I just know it. I totally deserve it too. 

Anyone think that she can be bribed with decaf mint mocha chip frappuccinos from Starbucks? 

I'm Mrs. Tantrum, T asked me to help keep an eye on the place while she is at something called camp. I am worried about her as camp is a scary place from what I hear. I am also worried because she asked me to post for her. I mean she is on ALL TOP, and I am just ALL MEDIOCRE...has she lost her mind? I don't know, if you aren't certain, and aren't easily offended by a fierce potty mouth head over to my regular house Momma's Tantrum to see what I usually am up to. 

Mrs. T, who should not be left in charge of anything.

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1 sent chocolate:

TLC said...

Mrs. T: You are so not AllMediocre, except that you want to hang with some of the best women on the internet... you are very much AllTop in my mind.

Thanks for minding the store.

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