Monday, August 11, 2008

I Knew Google Was Messing With My Head!

I know myself pretty well. I know what I am good at, and what I need help with. And truthfully, I cannot find my way out of a paper bag. Given a choice between two directions I will almost always pick the wrong one. I have lived here for sixteen years, and I still get the freeways confused. I finally figured out for the 91, East is RiversidE and West is West LA. Beyond that, I get confused if I am at all the least bit distracted. It's not my fault though...I never learned. I grew up in a small city, where we did Landmark Navigation: turn right at the 7-11. But here? You can't do that...WHICH 7-11? So, I had to learn a new way to get places. Sometimes, I will use my JPS, which is really just a frantic phone call to my husband asking, "Where am I?" He will look it up for me, rescuing me from certain aimless wandering and anxiety attacks. I am calling him less often, though, and being more self-sufficient. Especially since I found google maps.

Most of the time, it works...but sometimes? Sometimes Google Maps doesn't get it right. And really, this explains everything! Why in the quest for the park I am meandering through the construction site, the suburbs and probably hell, itself.

I knew they were out to get me!

(if you aren't reading XKCD, you are missing out!)

T, who isn't a complete geographic idiot

How about you? What are you good at? What do you need help with?

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Laura Iriarte said...

that is funny...i use mapquest and sometimes get lost too! i know...i think for some reason men drive more by the north south east west stuff. don't tell me to go north...i have no clue which way that is. I need the rights and lefts and landmarks!

Anonymous said...

Last time I used Google maps to take my mom to visit a friend in a retirement led me to a dead end. With a fence. I told my mom just to climb the fence and she'd be there. She didn't buy it either...

Summer said...

How funny! Sometimes I think Google maps are trying to get more people lost.

Mariuca said...


Hi T, I can’t seem to find the Magic Lamp of Luck anywhere on your blog. I went through ur July and August posts but still couldn't locate it. You can have the Magic Lamp post on all your blogs if you like, so long as you have the post up at your blog. Give me a buzz with the URL to your post when you have it up and I’ll add you to the Master List, thanks a lot! :)

Genie Princess

Anissa Mayhew said...

I had to buy a Tom Tom gps to resolve my issue. The first day in the van with it, it told me to take a left turn....halfway across a HUGE bridge. I think I have pissed off a directional god and they are trying to kill me. Help?

TLC said...

kacey: that's pretty funny!

annissa: you win! I am pretty sure there is a blog post in there about how your GPS is trying to kill you!

I have a good friend who has a GPS for her cell phone, and I covet, heaviy. I love the idea that it is portable, wherever you are.

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