Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Spirit West Coast Wrap Up

I saw some great bands at Spirit West Coast, and our "seats" (which are in parentheses because I didn't actually sit) were awesome. We were right on the gate for almost every concert we attended. I did get some pictures, but they were uninspiring, so I am just uploading to flickr rather than here. But I figured linking the music we saw might help some, so here it is. Some highlights...first:

TobyMac was amazing! He had the most energy of anyone I have ever seen in concert, secular or Christian. I was tired just watching. And he is older than I am. Put me to shame, I tell you. I used to listen to him when he was a part of DC Talk. I went to to this concert thinking I would hate it, and went for the teenagers. He's a bit too hip hop for me, but I was wrong. I ended up loving it!

Let's Get This Party Started

Diverse City


Lose My Soul

We also saw Third Day..their concert was very intimate and it felt like sitting in their garage. They took song requests and played them, I had never seen that before...nicely done.

Call My Name


Love Song

Tunnel (not their official video, but I really liked this version)

Mountain of God

This post is long enough, so more to come throughout the week...

Who do you think puts on a good concert and is a must-see?

T, who is glad to be home, but sorry it's over

4 sent chocolate:

Elizabeth Channel said...

Well, we don't get many concerts here but we I did take my 8-year-old to see Third Day and Sanctus Real. We actually both liked SR the best. He got autographs and everything so it was quite thrilling for him.

Ramblin' Red said...

I LOVE Toby Mac....his song Lose My Soul is my current favorite!

TLC said...

Third Day was good, I liked them, but they weren't stellar. TobyMac was better, just in terms of the energy he threw into the show. I too love the Lose My Soul song, and I liked Love Is In the House, too. I am still recovering, I am sooo tired. I can't believe it. And sunburned. Amazing what spending five days outdoors can do..always wondered about that bright, hot orb in the sky. Guess I need to get away from my computer more...

The Glasers said...

Pamela and I loved Mercy Me at WinterJam 2008 . . . My son David loved Skillet. That was Pamela's first concert ever, so I had to blog it!

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