Thursday, May 01, 2008

This Blog Has Been Brought To You Today By the Letter T and the Number 13

T is for "TLC" and for...

  • 1 talkative... I always have something to say, but I can also listen
  • 2 tenacious... We call this persevering in my house
  • 3 talented ... can you hang a spoon on your nose or make up parodies of songs on the fly?
  • 4 torrid... dh said I had to include this, and you don't get an explanation
  • 5 teacher... I homeschool my 3 children, and I am naturally a teacher, in everything
  • 6 trustworthy... If you choose to confide in me, know that you are safe
  • 7 truthful... don't ask if you don't want the truth. I am able to be tender about it though
  • 8 twisted... I love Monty Python and dry humor. Puns are a specialty
  • 9 tuneful... I always hum or have a song to sing
  • 10 tired... too many late nights spent talking to you, O Internet
  • 11 toothache... seriously, right now that is all I can think about, have to get a tooth pulled and I am terrified (hey another T word, for free!)
  • 12 thoughtful... I am constantly in my head, thinking, figuring out and improving
  • 13 tempermental... the mark of genius? not sure, probably just PMS, or the toothache

    T, who wants her tooth to stop hurting!

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  • 12 sent chocolate:

    Write at Home Mom said...

    Oh, you'd better get that tooth pulled ASAP...

    Trust me, it's not that frightening. Been there, done that.

    Happy Thursday and thanks for your lovely visit :D

    Kat said...

    What a fun list. I can relate to all on your list - except the toothache. Hope yours goes away soon!

    WomensDaily said...

    YoU know I've tried several times to balance a spoon on my nose and it just never worked.

    Alice Audrey said...

    LOL on #4.

    I used to be able to do the spoon thing. I don't know if I still could or not.

    ps. you did the comment thing on mine just fine. It isn't set up in the comment section, just through the link.

    anthonynorth said...

    I can identify with a few of those!

    She Became a Butterfly said...

    i can't do the nose thing. so.not.talented.sigh.

    visit my tt -- it's lonely! hehe

    Lucy said...

    nothing worse than a toothache, hope it's better soon! great list!
    thanks for your very supportive comment to me! :))
    I WILL try firefox because I just tried navigator and it's awful too. I did register for that do not call.. but I think it must have expired. thanks for the advise!

    tommie said...

    what a terrific list! Thanks for visiting my T13.

    alisonwonderland said...

    well done! thanks for stopping by so i could return the favor. it looks like you've got a great blog here. i'll have to come back! happy TT!

    Danica/Dream said...

    These are great!!

    Nina Pierce said...

    Love number 7. Actually, they're all heartfelt. But hubbies "torrid" had me smiling. Sometimes you got love men! ;)

    Colleen said...

    Great "Ts"!

    Thanks for the lyrics to the Trace Atkins song, too. I'm needin' that type of thing these days!

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