Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where'd She Go?

If you don't see me post for a bit, this is why. This insane game is absolutely addictive and makes me want to dig my brains out with a spoon.

You can blame Karla over at Looking Towards Heaven. I read about it on her blog. And now, evil minion of the Blogoverse that I am, I am passing it on to you, O Internets.

Or, alternatively, I may be reading one of the funniest blogs that I have come across in a long time, The Mattress Police which is laugh-out-loud funny. Not snort until snot comes out of your nose funny, 'cause that's just gross. But, he really made me laugh, and that isn't easy to do. I especially loved this post. And this one. And this one.... you get the idea.

I am sure that I am the last person to discover him, and that everyone and their brother and their cousin and their cousin's dog knows about him already.. but just in case. There it is.

On the plus side...I have an excuse for why my house isn't clean. what? like I need a reason?

T, who knows there is a more tag on the bottom, ignore it for now

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Swistle said...

Man, I don't know whether to click that game link or not! On one hand, it must be fun if it is so addictive. On the other hand, it must be almost like a virus, keeping bloggings playing it, keeping them from cleaning their---I'M THERE.

Diesel said...

Trust me, not everybody knows about my blog. I appreciate the link and enthusiastic endorsement!

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