Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Weed Fairy Came To My House

The other day, I got up at 8 and my 14 year old, JBug, was already up. Apparently, she had been up for quite a while. She had fed the kids breakfast, cleaned the bathrooms and loaded the dishwasher. But that wasn't the half of it.

She also had cleared one of the flowerbeds of the weeds that were residing there.

Why? Just because. She felt it would be helpful if she got up to do these things. I have no idea why, but I am not complaining!

We found out because the alarm she had set for her little sister played the buzzer instead of music. This made JBean upset, and one of the things she does when is upset is lie in bed and whine. It is very annoying, and no one can sleep through it. So, J arose, like a bear through the woods. He was very upset and wanted to know why Jbug wasn't responding to her little sister's calls to her. J thought she was beng teenagery and ignoring her poor little sister. But no, it turns out she was outside.

Pulling weeds. Who knows what lurks in the deep recesses of a teenager's brain? Why did she choose to do this? Probably to keep me off balance!

In all seriousness, she is a great help. I wish I could clone her. But then I would have to feed more kids! I know she helps around the house more readily than I did at her age. I like to think it is because we have such a good relationship being as I am so cool and all. That's right, I can make anything all about me, just give me time.

T, who hopes more fairies come to visit

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