Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Living Camera

This never ceases to amaze me. JBear has incredible recall, as well. Not quite like this, but definitely better than mine. I can ask him what has changed (because I can often tell things change when I see it, but not what exactly it is that is different) and he can say, "Oh that bench was green a week ago." Bizarre. And yet, I cannot tell him a sequence of letters to spell and have him hold them in his head. Weird how the brain works. He can figure out what direction we are going with no problem. But ask him to spell "silver" and not only can he not do it, I have to repeat the letter combinations three times. Of course, that could also be the dyslexia, too...

T, who wishes I understood more about autism

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Nancy said...

My 4yo dau with autism is the same way about being able to remember things like songs that she has only heard once! It's freaky!

FRIGGA said...

It sounds like he's a visual learner, not an audio. So telling him something isn't nearly as effective as showing him. I say show him the word silver, then take it away and then have him WRITE the word, he'll probably do much better. :) And based off of just this information I really don't think it's enough to say he has any learning disabilities. :)

TLC said...

Nancy: autism is definitely a different way of thinking...there are times I just don't get it.

Frigga: I know from the post you cannot tell, but he really does have dyslexia. It wasn't diagnosed because he couldn't spell one word. I do agree, he is a visual learner...left handed, autism and dyslexia. A tough combination for us all. And yet. He draws the most creative comic strips, among other things.

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