Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes, and We Call It Blogging

get the latest Savage Chickens cartoon

T, who tells you to go and read Savage Chickens, but beware of the wolves

3 sent chocolate:

Carlos said...

Sorry for commenting on this post about this. But you said you wanted to be held accountable and you were going to jump in the challenge.
Time to bring it!!!
Jump in NOW!!!

Toni said...

I actually used to love to grocery shop. Checking around to see if there was something new I wanted to try and so on. Now, with Hunter who I must say does a really good try at being good, I find myself rushing through and forgetting at least one thing!

I so look forward to the day the boy is actaully able to ask for everything under the sun. That is probably when I will follow your once a month lead!

TLC said...

Carlos: I posted my goal over on your site. Thanks for the accountability. I love that you have brought a new dimension to this community!

toni: I get where you are. It's FUN to shop with a little one. These days, it's just one more thing I have to get done, and I am over it.

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