Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Hot Mess of T13

  • 1. Husband had oral surgery on Wed. the day I write, and I was dealing with his needs.

  • 2. I had to pick up my daughter from church.

  • 3. Before that, I had to put the kids to bed.

  • 4. My son didn't want to go bed.

  • 5. I had to 'splain it to him

  • 6..While I was doing that,the pissy cat peed on the area rug!

  • 7. I caught her in the act and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck

  • 8. Bad News: she was still in mid-stream and peed from the rug to the box!

  • 9. I had to refrain from killing her

  • 10.So I locked her in the bathroom

  • 11.Then I had to wash JBean's Littlest Pet Shop toys that had been dribbled on, just in case.

  • 12.I was very glad that they are plastic.

  • 13. That's why my T13 sucks today.

  • BONUS: 14. Anybody want a cat??

    T, who is about to make a cat-skin rug

    *no animals were harmed in the making of this post, but just barely

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  • 20 sent chocolate:

    Ananya said...

    Hope your husband will feel better soon!:) and hope he is not in pain :(

    Boy, u had a real tough day...I thot I was having a bad day and looks like urs was worse than mine!

    But dont is never a bed of roses!:)

    I hate pets and specifically cats...A cat has invaded the space under my bed and she bought her family there too...the kittens are too small so i just cant get myself 2 throw them out...Just waiting for her to take them and get lost!

    Luckily for me my kids have not yet realised that they are having guests staying over...the moment they do...GOD help me!:)

    Thanks for visiting my TT:) Axe oil is a brand of eucalyptus oil that I use.
    Keep Smiling!

    Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    Sorry to hear that your cat peed on the rug. Hopefully she doesn't have a UTI or other infection. Make sure you wash the spot where she peed really well, with a cleaner designed for removing the scent, so that she doesn't go in that same spot again.

    Irishcoda said...

    Oh dear, I've had a lot of days like that lately .... :P

    Hootin' Anni said...

    I love cats!! But I have two old cats, a new kitty would throw them off balance to their quiet lifestyle.

    My 13 this week is misnomers, can you think of any to add? Come by if you can.

    B Boys Mom said...

    I hope everything gets better and I hope kitty lives. I had a cat like that. Key word HAD! Happy TT

    Clarence said...

    Sorry it wasn't the greatest day for you. I'd take your cat for you. I really would. Thanks for sharing it, anyway. :)

    Ps, What a great quote that Jeremiah verse is.

    The Mocha Mom said...

    My DH just went through major oral surgery about 3 weeks ago, it was not fun, but he is doing much better. Good luck to your hubby! I am up too.

    TopChamp said...

    Hope your husband's feeling ok.

    I'll have the cat... funny that he chose those toys to pee on particularly!

    maggies mind said...

    That was hilarious! OK, mostly because it wasn't me. I can totally relate, though. I nanny-cammed my suspected cat pee-er and posted it on my blog as proof to someone about which kitty it was awhile back. Really, though, never fun, no matter which cat. Hope you husband is doing better - mouth surgery type stuff is not ever fun.

    mom huebert said...

    "No animals were harmed in the making of this post, but just barely."

    Laughing, laughing.... Sometimes I think it's a wonder that our annoying cats are still alive...!

    maggie's mind said...

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, too! In answer to your question about the twitter badge, just take a look at this link:
    From there, you can customize and add it to your blog.

    Vixen said...

    Sorry not a taker on the cat. That story is exactly why I don't have cats anymore. I was afraid after 10 years of holding back that I would kill one and the young kids would be traumatized.

    Why do husbands take everything so much harder than women? It's a curse.

    Thanks for stopping by. I like you site so far. I will be back.

    Phyl said...

    I am sure it was not amusing at the time, but your TT made me chuckle. I hope life calms down soon for u...and I wanna see a pic of that rug...the cat-skin

    KC said...

    Poor Husband.. I think the cat would have found a nice home outside of the house.. I just did that to two of our cats.. who can't seem to find the darn litter box. UGH.. cat say I want a cat.. but anyone can have on of mine.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Sorry you came looking for the T13 post.. I have been busy and didn't do one this week.. I don't know what link you were following but I didn't sign any Mr Linky for the T13 today and I didn't sign the main page either.. So it must have been a link from last week or one of the other links..
    But I"m really glad you came by because I have enjoyed reading your blog today and I wouldn't have found you other wise. :)

    So happy T13 to you..
    Hope DH is feeling better and that your day has been better then Wednesday

    Elaina said...

    Sorry you cat made it worse for you. I hope your feels better soon.

    Trisha said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I coiuldn't help but laugh at your TT, lol :)

    Barbara Doduk said...

    Life eh? It never ends.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    B @ The Love Blog

    TLC said...

    Anaya: my husband is just fine. The crazy guy went to work the very next day!

    Dragonheart & Merlin: I don't think she has a UTI, she just has PITA syndrome. There is no rhyme or reason, and the cat box stays clean.

    irishcoda: I have a magnet on my fridge that says, "No crisis this week, my schedule is full" pretty much describes my life!

    hootin' anni: I love cats, too. This is the first cat I have ever had that has had this problem

    bboysmom: I would get rid of her, but my son is heavily attached to her, he is the only one she will even hang with. She isn't going anywhere soon.

    clarence: thanks, that's sweet. My children would throw me out if I actually gave the cat away.

    mochamom: don't feel sorry for my husband, he is fine. he went to work the next day, came home and drank lemonade! I cringed.

    topchamp: she didn't actually pee on the toys, that happened as I carried her to the box.

    TLC said...

    maggies mind: we have had cats all my married life and I have never had one who peed indiscriminately. Amazing at how angry it can make me.

    vixen: yes if it was just me, I would dump the cat. Can't though.

    phyl: glad I made you laugh, someone should benefit from my misery. If I make the rug, I will be sure to photograph it, just for you.

    kc: I followed a link from some blog, I thought it was this week. Maybe you read a T13 and put in your linky? Not sure. I just like to use the linkies in order to visit other blogs.

    elaina: thank you for the kind words.

    trisha: thanks for visiting, I liked your T13, too.

    barbara: yes, it does never end, but the alternative is worse.

    Thanks everyone for visiting!

    Nicole said...

    Your list made me smile, and then feel bad that you had such a day. Luckily, that day is behind you now and you got a funny TT out of it! =)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my TT!! =) Maybe I should read that book!

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