Friday, May 09, 2008

Eighteen WHAT??

I have many friends with large families. I really envy their dynamic. The way they get along, share chores and play together is beautiful. In fact, I always wanted to have a large family, but because of our genetic challenges, realized that wasn't in anyone's best interest. The chances of another child with autism are very high, and just not what we chose to bridge for our family.

One of my friends even has nine children. As I said, it works for them. But I cannot, in my wildest dreams, imagine being the Duggars. They are pregnant with their EIGHTEENTH child! Can you even imagine? Besides the obvious l wonder what they will do about college for their children? I understand that they are financially well-off. They built their 7,000 sq. ft home, but they also did it without help from a contractor. I am not sure if they couldn't afford it, or what. Can you imagine feeding that many teenage boys?? It is hard enough to feed my three!

I have always wondered how it is to grow up in a home like the Duggars. The girls all do the inside chores and are responsible for cooking dinner and taking care of their "buddies", that is, the child they are responsible for . I wonder if there is enough time to play and be a child? I do know that not all large families run their homes this way, however. As I mentioned, I have friends who have large families, and the children are allowed to play and be children. They are not on constant baby duty. Don't get me wrong, I do think it is important to teach the older children responsibility. JBug watches her siblings at times, and cooks dinner. But it isn't every day, and she certainly has time to herself. She is a introvert, so time is built in over the day to herself. I make sure we all have time to ourselves throughout the day.

I am happy for the Duggars. They seem to be able to handle it. I know I would be at the hat factory with half that many children. Choruses of, "I did not! Did, too! Maaama!" and, what I call Sondheim Parenting fill my life, and I only have three.

What's that you say? What is Sondheim Parenting, you ask? Simply this: when you see a stage musical, part of the plot is that everyone sings over every one else, so you can barely hear anyone, and it melds together. Stephen Sondheim is especially known for this, so that is why I use his name.

I cannot imagine the cacophony of sound that results with eighteen children! I would have to buy stock in Advil!

T, who is D-O-N-E

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