Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At Least It Wasn't RPGs, There Is Still Hope

There are times I think my kids would be better off with "normal" parents. Some of my influence really rubs off on them. I have always been a bit "left of center" in the arena of Pop Culture, I guess. But more and more I am discovering that I am corrupting my progeny. Just look at the evidence:

1) This morning I was sitting on my bed, and my daughter brought me a stuffed white rabbit to cuddle. This was very sweet, and empathetic, since I wasn't having a good day. JBear, though, saw the rabbit, and well, THIS is what you do with a white rabbit:

See what I mean? What kind of responsible mother not only lets her kids watch Monty Python clips on YouTube, but actually introduces the kids to them? In my defense, JBear has never seen the entire movie. JBug has, but I forgot about the part with the giant naked lady. Whoops! She was a cartoon, though, so I figure she isn't completely scarred for life.

So, as if that isn't bad enough, this evening J and JBear are playing Wii, and I am checking email. My two girls "knock" on the wall, and proceed to do this:

*knock knock* Who's there? Flowers. Flowers for whom? Mrs. Cmmmphmph Who? Candygram!

Finally, at bedtime, my son is supposed to be getting ready for bed, when I hear him making laser noises, pretending to shoot something. Keep in mind, I don't allow him to play with guns or pretend to do so. I find him, with a loaded cat, playing Laser Cats. (ignore the first 35 seconds, you aren't being Rickrolled, only clip I could find on YouTube)

And how does he know of this, you ask? That's right, I showed him the clip from Saturday Night Live. Is it wrong to get supreme joy out of corrupting my children? They will never get married, right? That's what you are saying? But oh, Internet, I have an argument for that (and no I wouldn't like to buy an argument, I will give it to you for free). I am married. And my husband is as big a (or bigger) geek than I am. So there might be hope for them, yet.

Besides, maybe I can give credit for SNL for school. We'll call it... Comedy Appreciation. Yes, that just might work.

And Monty Python? Well, that's obvious. That will go under Life Skills. After all, it is important to know where to find a decent shubbery. (and I didn't introduce them to RPGs. I have some limits!

T, who takes Full Responsibility for their future lack of social life

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