Sunday, November 01, 2009

We didn't even have to smell anybody's feet!

I have always liked Halloween, I suppose it is the theatre diva in me. A holiday that let's me get all dressed up like somebody else? Gimme more a dat! So this year, I toyed with the idea of Sylvia Plath (who apparently liked to bake) and a Lolita Goth, but figured it would just freak out my already-freaked-by-Halloween daughters. (also? as a teen, do you really want your mom to dress as a goth? Few things are probably scarier than that..a real horror show) So I nixed that idea, poured myself a drink and just decided to go easy this year.

This is the first year that JBear came up with his own costume, completely. He did a good job, I think. He used what was around the house, and didn't ask me to buy anything. And Littles (JBean) decided to put a new twist on her costume. Of course it was a princess (it is always some variation, the little girly-girl fashionista, I guess) but this year, she was a "Warrior Princess Elf." Go JBean!

(this house had actual blue light, it was hard to get a good picture)

The kids were very polite, and there wasn't one autism moment all night. (Thank God!) There was a tiny bit of balking at the unknown haunted house (we went around it) but for the most part, JBean found she enjoyed herself, despite her earlier trepidation.

I even got into the act. As you can see, I had to defend my chocolate! Just tell me one thing? WHEN did it become ok to pass the bucket as a parent, in addition to the bucket your child is using?? I saw more moms, and some dressed up and trick or treated at my door! Gives new meaning to "tricks" now doesn't it? Don't they understand that as a parent, it is their job, nay, their duty to help their children dispose of their haul? In other words, eat your kids' candy, don't beg at my door for your own! What? You really cannot afford to buy your own Fun Size at Target?

Honestly, what is this world coming to?

T, who gave more treats than tricks this year

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Pop and Ice said...

Such joy on your children's faces! Isn't it lovely to be able to report on the fun instead of the frustrating, even if only for an evening?

T. said...

Pop and Ice: that's so true! What so many take for granted, parents with special needs kids just can't. It's a success if we have a day with no tantrum! Usually theirs, not mine. But there are times...

Too Many Hats said...

I loved his costume at the park and thought it quite inventive!

Eli's Lids said...

Amen about the adults trick-or-treating!

T. said...

TooManyHats: thanks, I was impressed with how he pulled it off. I have to admit when he first told me, I was rolling my eyes. But it worked.

Eli's Lids: they didn't even have the decency to pretend they were trick or treating for their baby! There was the baby's bucket and then, mom had one, too. I mean, really! And it wasn't just one or two of them, either. There were a bunch.

Tony Letts said...

I expect you Americans have trick or treat sorted properly. We've imported it over here and most people hate it because it just means unwanted knocks at the door and occasionally, something horrible put through the letter box if you don't answer. Some elderly people are genuinely scared that night - very sad

T. said...

Pop and Ice: yes, it is so nice to just BE for a change. Love when there aren't any major setbacks.

Tony: who puts nastiness through the door?? Honestly, there are less and less houses every year, so I think in ten years, the whole custom will die out. But I could be wrong.

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