Friday, October 30, 2009

Ok, but I am pretty sure she isn't getting through customs

This is always what the cat does when someone travels in this house. JNerd went to the Google Mentor Summer of Code conference this last weekend. And Perry was completely sure she was going, too. Until she didn't. But it doesn't stop her, and it doesn't stop her from trying again next time.

Still, you have to admire her sticktuitiveness. Is that even a word? She doesn't give up and she is a stubborn thing. Pretty sure her sweet face hides an evil that no man can fathom. If I told you the things she does... and she stares at us. In a really weird way. Sometimes she creeps me out. I have had cats most of my life, and most were pretty pleasant creatures. This one, even though she is nice to me, I always wonder if it is like the email that went around for a while, about the cat in captivity and planning its escape. There is a part of me that wonders if I will wake up in the morning, or if she will kill me in my sleep. Good thing I don't have stairs, she just seems like the kind of cat that weaves in and out of your feet to make you fall down the stairs. And then? She just sits there licking her whiskers with a malevolent gleam in her eye. Yeah, ok, I am probably being paranoid,but come on. She is after all, completely black...just in time for Halloween, right?

T, who asks, "Want a cat??"

3 sent chocolate:

Tony Letts said...

sorry - I'm a dog person. I like cats who think they are dogs

Diane said...

Just found you blog today, very nice! My kitty looks just like yours :) and yes tried to trip me on the stairs at least once a day.
I blog at if you would like to see my kitty Oliver

T. said...

Tony: I like dogs also. I am just not ready for the responsibility of taking care of a dog. Maybe soon.

Diane: Welcome! I will have to check out your blog, to see Oliver, too! Thanks for visiting!

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