Friday, November 06, 2009

Lookie what I did!

Ok so you heard about my new bloggy (ad)venture, Trampled with Zebras, and totally have no idea what it means, right? Well, I wrote an explanation over at OCFamily about it, so go read it! Then comment, so I don't feel like that kid in the cafeteria who ends up sitting by herself at lunch! Ok? Thanks!! [mwah!]

T, who appreciates you, really I do!

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3 sent chocolate:

Stranded said...

Love it. You have a whole herd!

Tony Letts said...

No question - they're zebras alright

T. said...

Stranded: Yes, we have quite the menagerie going here, it would seem. Thanks for checking us out. Zoo hours vary on holidays.

Tony: What I wonder though, what does that make me?

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