Monday, November 02, 2009

When did teenagers start pushing thirty?

Wonder why the kids on Glee look so good? It's because they are not kids at all!

I am not some giggly teenager (but I do have one, though giggles are far and few between, maybe a "SQUUEEE" once in a while). That being said, I discovered an artist that I like, the song has potential, it is catchy. It just so happens that the song is by Mark Stalling, who plays Puck on Glee, the breakout new dramedy on Fox this season. Turns out Mark was in a band, called Jericho, and they have an album. Sadly, this song is not on the album. But I'll keep trying. This song seems radio-worthy to me. See what you think. (also, if he makes your heart go pitty-pat, don't fret...he is actually 26, playing a teenager...whew!)

Lea Michelle, plays Rachel, is 23
Cory Monteith, plays Finn, is 27
Chris Colfer, plays Kurt, is 19
Kevin McHale, plays Arty, is 21
Jenna Ushkowitz, plays Tina, is 23
Dianna Agron, plays Quinn, is 23

No wonder our teenagers are so insecure, when they are being compared to actual adults! It took me years to "bloom" and it really wasn't until after high school that I came into my own. I guess if they actually cast young, awkward kids the show wouldn't be as interesting, since their perfection in performing is much of it's appeal. Still, we don't have to like Hollywood's practice of casting adults to play teens.

T, who admits to watching glee, and will probably even buy the cast album

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Tony Letts said...

Yes I like the song a lot and also the taste of America in the background but I did wonder how he managed to change his shirt during the song!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

WOW! I knew they weren't teenagers, but Finn is 27? That blows my mind.

Sherry said...

That reminds me of the original Beverly Hills 90210, where the actress playing Andrea - a high school student! - was actually in her very early 30s.

I think I look decent for my age at 35 but there's no way in hell I could pull off being a teenager!

Swistle said...

SRSLY. On the other hand, it makes me feel less Sick and Wrong when I get a crush on one of them.

Shnerfle said...

Ok, I finally got around to watching the video, and while I absolutely adore Mark, I'm not all that into the song. Still, it has promise, so now I'm gonna have to go dig up Jericho.

Thanks for keeping it real, T! It's nice to remember that NO ONE looks like that at 15...

T. said...

Tony: he wore a shirt?? lol

Kelly: He has a BABY face, doesn't he?

Sherry: I remember Andrea. I loved her. I am pretty sure I knew she was in her 30's. And I definitely could not pull off high school. College, maybe...

Swistle: Yes, Taylor Lautner, NOT safe. Puck? SAFE. whew!

Schnerfle: just another example of modern media trying to make our teens feel less than they really are. (don't even get me started on that one!)

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