Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jenny the Bloggess Is Copying Me so you get this instead: To Boldly Go To The Theatre and Not Be Bored

I had a post all written up about how twitter has jumped the shark (oh and it has, for 10 reasons) and I was going to post it tonight, when I happened to read Jenny's post over at The Bloggess, and danged if she didn't write 25 things she hates about twitter, the hag pain in the butt really amazing bathroom-party friend and I don't know how she is doing that I am pretty sure she has cloned herself or is using robots or something (only with way less better hair), because every place I hit on the intarwebz she is there! Talk about prolific! Leave some crap for the rest of us to write about, ok, Jenny?? So, rather than be accused of plagiarism (cause a lot of the reasons are the same) I decided to hold the post for a bit. So deal with it, instead I am writing about Star Trek. Yes, smartass, that Star Trek, because, well, I got nothing and I am too tired to come up with something better. So, suck it. (with love, of course)

Wait! Where are you going?? I'm not finished!

NCC-1701Image via Wikipedia

I saw Star Trek and I am not going to give anything away, but I think it a Must See. (and I liked Star Trek before, but have never considered myself a die-hard Trekkie..some of them are just plain scary).

The movie was really great, and awesome and there wasn't one smoke monster in it and Spock didn't cut open anyone's head in order to get their powers (which would have been totally amazing, but would have royally pissed off the Trekkies, I bet) but Spock can do the Vulcan Pinch or Mind Meld with parts of my body, any time! So JJ Abrams did a great job, but it didn't matter cause the Trekkies are ticked off anyway...

Apparently, however, there is a backlash against the movie, and Trek fans are not loving it... does it make too much sense?

*by the way, the following is satire from the Onion, in case you don't catch that...but it really made me laugh. See what you think.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

T, who says, he's hot?? Who knew? (see the movie, you'll understand)

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TooManyHats said...

We saw it yesterday on Mother's Day and it had me right from the start. I enjoyed it alot! My daugher is one of those disgruntled Star Trek fans, but I say get over it!

Lisa @ Work at Home Mom Revolution said...

I saw Star Trek yesterday with my daughter, and I thought it was great. And I'm a long-time Star Trek rerun watcher. It was just the right blend of the old and new. And yes, Chris Pine is hot. My daughter, who has never watched the television series, loved it. She wants to see it again.

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