Friday, May 22, 2009

I Took the Train To Glendale and ended up with a BOOK (Jen Lancaster's book-signing)

Last night, I took the train up to Glendale to hang with some of my twitter tweeps (is that even a word??) do the dinner thang and stalk Jen Lancaster at her Barnes & Noble booksigning. Because? It's a book, people! A funny book! And I am virtually taking you with me, aren't you lucky?

I WE, you and me, sat in relative comfort on the Amtrak, non-stop to Glendale to meet my beeyotch, Adrienne, who rocks so hard...she picks us up from the train station, then takes us home to O.C. because she is all shades of awesome like that.

After traveling around a would seem that Glendale is built around a bunch of them... to get to the bank and a store where I could pick up some tacky 80's beads (yes, I have my own, but I forgot them. By the way, apparently tacky costume jewelry is something that nobody wears in Glendale, because we tried first the drug store and then Marshalls and I couldn't find anything except a really obnoxious silver multi-heart necklace with matching earrings that will blind you if I am in the sun, and give me second-degree burns). Still, I bought it, along with a very stylin' red striped glittery long scarf You know me and scarves. Then I put my hair up in a nice little side pony, (oh Mickey, you're so fine...and yes, I know that Toni Basil had her hair in pigtails, but work with me here!)

We got to the Cheesecake Factory, but there were no cheesecake-scented goddesses anywhere. Still, Adrienne put in our name, "twitter," and we waited. The hostess was excited about twitter, and that she was on it and tweet her, ok?

this is all of us..I grabbed the busboy to take the pic: @undomestic diva, @Adriennevh, @chrisDOTgo, @onetake and me

After dinner, we headed over to Barnes & Noble to meet Jen Lancaster. We bought our books, battled the B&N stormtroopers (no variations! Only what is written on the post-it!) and took our seats to wait. I was dying because I couldn't tweet a lot, since my battery on my G1 was almost dead. So I sat and people-watched, instead. We got the last seats in the last row, and people started lining up behind us. We felt special.

this is what success looks like...someday it will be my face on a poster, I swear it!
Undomestic Diva and her hypercolor tee-shirt... remember those?

We are rockin' the 80's. Except for Jen Lancaster, we were the ONLY two who dressed up for the "Eighties-themed" book tour. Notice the side pony tail, and killer shades. Everyone else? Kill joys. Gag me with a spoon, fer like, sure!

@redvu9395 took this picture, much better than the one the B&N stormtrooper took. Doesn't Jen Lancaster look Pretty In Preppy?

ETA: go and win yourself a copy of this bad-ass book, Undomestic Diva (my hero(ine) is givin' one away! Just go tell her who you would stalk and you're in it to win it!

T, who had a blast

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2 sent chocolate:

Tony Letts said...

Well done for making the effort! Looked great fun


T, blog owner said...

It was a lot of fun, and I got chocolate cake out of it that was so big J and I still were eating it Sunday night!

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