Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Look! I'm a Star! (ok, so only in my head..)

Hey everyone! Today I am appearing on Special Needs Kids Talk Radio, so come check it out! 10 a.m. PST and 1 p.m. EST (noon, CST). We are going to talk about autism, homeschooling and what it's like being the "odd one out" in my family. You can listen by clicking on the link, and then the little special needs square takes you to the show. If you register, you can also chat and ask questions for me to answer on air. Come and listen!

From the website:

We are talking to Tina Cruz today about homeschooling her 3 kids and being the only "normal" person in her household, which makes her the strange one. Tina has a great sense of humor, despite her trials and tribulations

This is the first time I have done this, so let me know you are listening. I am terrified bewildered nervous!

T, who hopes I don't stutter and say "uhm..." a lot

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3 sent chocolate:

TooManyHats said...

Cool. Hope I can catch it, but I A has a doctor appointment this morning. I hope they have an archive.

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T, blog owner said...

They do have an archive, and you can also download it. I talk about our homeschool park day, and what it has meant in our life, but not specifically the name, for obvious reasons.

Here is the link to the archive: Special Needs Talk Radio -my episode

Sascha Bush said...

I would love to hear your radio show, thanks for the tip on downloading. I also saw this very interesting article written by a mother who has an autistic son. She has written books and hosts a radio show on Autism One radio. Perhaps she could be a great resource to you, and you to her. Check it out here:

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