Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pretty sure if you are searching for evil otters and zombies, this is the place. And chocolate? That, too

Let's Play, name that search!

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the crazy things that people search for and somehow wind up on my blog. (see, I do too have readers!) Ready?

send chocolate
Number one. Suppose people are confused that I don't ship that precious brown cocoa gold to their door?

pulling my hair out
This is close behind, and believe it or not, people don't bounce from this one...they stick around and read. Do you think it's because I still have my hair??

bang head here
Yes, this is a good place to land. I even have a graphic for it!

how to talk to a 15 year old
Why ask me?? Sure, I can talk, but does she listen? (See the two terms above this one) Believe it or not, people stick around after searching this term, too.

comfiest chair ever
If you own this, can you tell me what it is? Mine makes my butt numb.

things getting weird please send chocolate
Well, duh.

evil otter
I have no idea. Really. I write about weasels

color order of 96 crayon pack
OCD much? Listen, I love crayons, but I don't keep them in a specific order. well, ok, yes, I do. But it is my order, not Crayolas. (color spectrum, by hue, thanks for asking)

good earplugs for kids with aspergers
How about good earplugs for Moms with kids who have Aspergers? I could use those...

evil kittens
I have two they can HAVE. One doesn't pee on the floor, much.

are weasels good pets
Sure, if by "good pets" you mean "will they gnaw your face off"

how to rsvp a funeral
I have no idea where this came from

what is that smell
You know, they say, "he who smelt it? Dealt it...

sexy spider girl suit
I. don't. know. Really. I swear.

vegetable law
Sure you don't want Room 704 for that one??

sexy wheelbarrow
Because? Why? We don't want to know about your Farmer John fetish. That's just sick.

Got the cat right on his head.
doesn't everybody? This one came complete with the punctuation. I like to imagine it said with a southern accent...hours minutes seconds of fun!

hogtie boys
That's just wrong. Again, Room 704 might be more your speed....

honey there's a cat in the freezer
Guess I know what you're havin' for dinner, eh?

why kids say meow with aspergers
If you figure it out, will you let ME know? Add singing, too...

how to piss off a cat
I could teach a class in this one...trust me, ask my cat

spot and zombies
I can haz zombehs, plz??

one more:

spock as a zombie

Apparently, chocolate, Asperger's,Spock, evil otters and zombies will bring you straight to my door. Seems my work here is done. ::insert evil cackle here:::

What's the weirdest search anyone has ever done for your blog?

T, who is immensely entertained by the search results, THANK YOU!

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7 sent chocolate:

T, blog owner said...

stupid JS-Kit was not showing the comments box, so I made a post so you can see it.

someones_sista said...

the weirdest search that ever landed anyone on my Flickr acct (Ino one reads my blog but family!) was a search for Sophie Moone, the porn star. My daughter's name is Sophie and I took a picture of the full moon the night she was born and titled it sophie's Moon. Duh! I had no idea she would now and forever be linked with porn

Cheryl said...

why kids say meow with aspergers:

I asked my Aspie 14 year old. He laughed, And started to meow, again. First time in ages, in a silly voice, just like before. He said they get a (quote) 'psychological spike out of watching everybody else go through that WTF moment', which I translate to mean either:
a) Its their form of comedy
b) Its plain attention seeking
c) Its a wind-up
d) Its confusion/chaos revenge
or very probably all four.

How about searches for sex with zombies or zombie sex ? I'm just wondering how long it'll take to get those searches now I've, um, put the words on your blog.


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Guest said...

wait... are you serious??!?! for real???? if its real, thats hilarious. if its a joke, its even MORE hilarious bc i dont know how one could think any of that up :) LOL! Oh man, that was hysterical!!!

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Thebluestbutterfly said...

There is almost never a day that I don't get someone looking for cheat codes/key gens for Bejeweled 2 Deluxe....because I once posted about playing this game and working on my typing (keystrokes) in the same post. I had people look for variations on big "boobies"....Big Indian Boobies and Big Turkish Boobies...because I had talked about a cancer campaign called "Save the Boobies" and I had mentioned these countries at some point in my blogging life.

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TooManyHats said...

LOL! I have no clue to see what searches hit my blog, but I know zombies is not one of them :)

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Sha said...

Those are the strangest searches I have ever seen. I'm scared.

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