Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Forget it, if you want me, I'll be at the grocery store and crime can fight itself

I found this on Vixen's Den, and well, yeah. She gets to be a really cool superhero, and I get? It seems to be the story of my life. Even my Superhero life is uninspiring. Might as well give up and just go get the car lubed, or something. I was thinking I have the humdrum existence of the superhero alter-ego, so I must at least be a really cool superhero, right?

Wrong.I present...my superhero. Well, at least the glasses are bitchen. Woo.

T, who is pretty sure I got shafted

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2 sent chocolate:

Denise@togetherwesave said...

Love the picture. I also love the title of your blog. I would pay big bucks for choc right now.

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TooManyHats said...

LOL, that was fun!

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