Thursday, May 07, 2009

He left me, and it wasn't a midnight train to Georgia

See this?

I don't have one (which is my own danged fault, I just didn't "get around to it"...too busy with the tyranny of the urgent. I mean, it's not like I want to spend time taxiing, cleaning, fretting, feeding instead of standing in line at the post office to get a passport...) so my husband, the paper in my birdcage, pepperoni on my pizza, hopped a plane,trying to be suitably contrite, alone and went here:

without me, for a computer convention...for a week

leaving me with these

on my own...for a week

and ready for this? he won't be back until evening on Mother's Day!

that's right, he is missing Mother's Day, completely. I have already called a do over, because? Yeah.

AND? he better get me something realllly good for our anniversary (the big 2-0) later this summer.

are you reading this, honey? Remember when you went to France and brought home a magnet for me? So do I! We aren't talking magnets repeats! Put up, or shut up, right? (and have fun!)

T, who gets Mom o' the Year FTW

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Jeannie said...

You had me at ALONE! Missing mother's day? Very sketchy. My husband had the nerve to slice his finger on my first mother's day. He spent the day in the ER. I could have cared less about his precious finger: afterall, he has 10! I wanted my first mommy's day!!!!


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TooManyHats said...

I am sure he learned his lesson after the France magnet event - please! You need to get yourself a passport because he goes places. I have to get mine soon in case I have to go rescue David from Africa this summer. We could go together - the library does it - much nicer than standing in line at the post office.

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Tony Letts said...

Poor Jon. Think how sad it is for him that he is all those miles away missing you and the kids....and the worst part? he can't get back for Mother's Day. Don't be too hard on him if he is so miserable that he forgets to bring a present back.

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T, blog owner said...

you would think he learned his lesson, wouldn't you? Guess what? He did not bring me back a magnet, this time. He brought back TWO magnets. ::banging head::

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