Sunday, May 03, 2009

Someone lied, it is definitely NOT the Happiest Place on Earth...they don't even have a bar!

I have a new gig, and would appreciate your support. I am now the LA Special Needs Kids Examiner over at My latest article is about The Big Bang Theory and why I think it is such a great showcase for Asperger's Syndrome. Help me feed my kids, buy them shoes. Check it out. Stumble it, love me. Kisses.

For those who weren't following my tweets on my daughter's birthday, it was pretty much the day from hell. We got there, and it was beyond crowded for a Tuesday. I have no idea why. Our day was full of ride breakdowns, crowds, bad food (son is gluten and dairy free, remember, and ended up stuck in the bathroom due to dairy in the hamburger bun)... that took a long time. We finally left Disneyland and had a good dinner, but the 20-somethings next to us were dropping the f-bomb liberally and making my kids uncomfortable. It was just a day we would all rather forget.

click to see it bigger

It's a world of...

horse butt!

most pictures of my daughter look like this

I did manage to get some good pics of the kids, so it wasn't a complete wash. I quite like that they are standing on the C and the A, which makes CA for California. Will have to go back and get pictures on all of the letters...You can click on the pics to embiggen.

T, who has had enough of DLand for a while

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TooManyHats said...

Your tweets were cracking me up that day. Thank heavens for annual passes - you don't have to stay for 12 hours.

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