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That Thing We Do: What motivates writers to stick with it instead of watching American Idol or Mythbusters on the tube?

As a writer, I always am interested in what makes a writer I admire tick. I like to know how and when they write. It's not like I want to copy anyone else's creative process, I just like to know their motivation. I enjoy being a part of something, sort of a club, I guess. (but a club where anyone can enter, not one of those exclusive clubs with a ten-year waiting list). I have always said you are either a writer, or you're not. I think you know. And it isn't about whether or not others recognize your creative output, it's about if you have the need to write. If others recognize what you do, if you get published, based upon what you do, that is certainly the icing on the cake. But I think there are a lot of people out there with great talent who haven't been discovered. Does that negate their skill? I don't think so.

I am very interested in how writers I admire do it. Megan over at Velveteen Mind has a writing sweater that she wears when she is creating. Whit creates bios. Jenn M. is not writing about politics or world events. FADKOG writes for her dad. And Loralee writes about the new. Jenny is writing about sex..for a living. (and though I love her, she is an acquired taste, so if you are easily offended, better not click that link. Though that link isn't bad, not really).

Thursday night, at the booksigning, Jen Lancaster told us how she writes (and who would play her in the movie version of her life) This is my video, go easy on me if the sound is too soft, it's from my new flip video camera I got for mother's day:

So how do I write? I spend a lot of time creating content for other websites and trying to find time for adding to my own. Consequently, I write late at night, when everyone else is in bed, usually. The house is quiet, and the cat is often next to me. There are rare times I write while everyone else watches television (like right now) My daughter has her little leg thrown over mine as we sit on the couch. I am hunched over my laptop, that sits on my IKEA Dave laptop table we actually have three of them, his, hers, and teen's) They are black so they match my house decently enough. and try to tune out discussion over bungee-jumping, speed of hiccups and discussions over the merits of cereal. This is a combination of family conversation and Mythbusters, see why I am creatively challenged inspired?

But what you really want to know is who would play moi in the movie version of my life. I have decided it would either be Tina Fey (she has that sexy, impolitic librarian thing going on) or Helena Bonham Carter (who, though elfin, has the crazy that is me, with the wit and the left of center vibe).

And you? What motivates you to click-click-click the keyboard and hit "publish?" AND (you knew I would ask this) who would play YOU in the movie version of your life?

T, who likes to think of herself as the Mythbusters of blogging

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MrsDesperate said...

I write because it's my job, and because I love it. I write features for magazines and newspapers for work, and for fun, I write fiction and books (only one published so far). I also blog for fun, and I think it's improved my writing.
I don't know what it is exactly - I just enjoy it, and can't seem to live without doing it. I also read obsessively.
I write mainly in my home office, but sometimes on my mini-laptop, upstairs chilling with the kids, at airports, at coffee shops, on planes. I hate not being to write!
The only thing I can't do is handwrite. For some reason, my thoughts pour out only when I'm on a computer.

Spookygirl said...

I write (not nearly often enough) because I enjoy it. It's a few minutes of me time, of adult thoughts in my otherwise child driven life. And the fact that sometimes I manage to entertain, offend or otherwise effect someone else, is greatly satisfying as well ;)

As far as who would play me in a movie, I would love Helena Bonham Carter (and if the holy trinity of HBC, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton were involved then my life would TRULY have been worth something, LOL!) or Catherine Tate if she can do a good American accent ;)

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T, blog owner said...

only one book published, huh? well, get to it! LOL I used to be able to write by hand and I still can, but it is hard to read, the more I write, the messier it gets. I think they call that dysgraphia.

T, blog owner said...

"I'm not bovvered." Love Catherine Tate. I agree that writing takes me out of my child-centered life, but there are times the kids really don't that. Makes it hard to write!

T, blog owner said...

I am a firm believer in seasons in life. Trying to write with kids around is a lot like trying to string beads with no knot on the end... kind of useless.

Tony Letts said...

Sadly, there was no sound with the vid! I write because I need to. I love it and feel fulfilled when I get my thoughts down and out there. I think I'd like Jack Nicholson to play me - I'm a big fan!

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foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog) said...

The fact that I really, really dislike both American Idol and Mythbusters means I'm not even the least bit inclined to turn on the TV rather than write. Sadly, I wish the same could be said for really bad 'reality' programming on VH1!

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