Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thursday 13- R U Bored?

13 "Boredom Buster" Web Sites that TLC has found

(disclaimer: not everything on these sites is rated G...the sites are large and there might be things there that are not family-friendly)

  • 1.The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom This site is by the guy who did the Quizno's commercials...spongemonkeys rule! We like da mooooon
  • 2. Atom Films Very cool short film site that has all sorts of genres available. Careful! You can waste a lot of time here!
  • 3. Haiku-o-Matic Hey, who doesn't like do it yourself haiku??

  • 4.Stuff on My Cat Really. Stuff + Cats= Awesome! Very funny site, and no cats were harmed in the making of this site.
  • 5. The Sith Sense Darth Vader can read your mind. Truly. You are not worthy.
  • 6. South Park Studio Because you have to make a South Park likeness of yourself. You know you wanna.
  • 7.Yacht Rock Ever wonder what happened to the Smoooooth Music? Me either, but this web series tells us. You need the Yacht Rock. Funny and Irreverent...but not child safe...language.
  • 8.Puppy War Puppies..which one is cuter? What's better than a dog that you don't have to clean up after? Pits cute dogs against each other. Yay, competition!
  • 9.Google Earth Google owns the world, it's useless to resist. Maps, via satellite. Hey, I think I can see my house from here!
  • 10.Throw Bush Sorry for those that like him, but this is therapy!
  • 11. Joppa Think: Monte Python meets Kids in the Hall...silly, funny, lots of word play, senseless and creative.
  • 12. Songs To Wear Pants To This guy composes music according to requests...the weirder the better. His archives kick serious butt.

  • 13. User Friendly Cartoon strip about geeks. And computers. Geek humor. I get it. Hah! Yes, it is too funny!
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    T, who has a lot more sites and it was hard to choose

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    22 sent chocolate:

    Francesca Gray said...

    Great list, some I know, some knew to me. Will come in very useful as I persue my favourite hobby - doing nothing.

    Jenelle said...

    LOL I absolutely love the "Throw Bush" one. That is definitely a good stress reliever. ;) Great list. I bookmarked several!

    Jen said...

    Ooh, I'll have to come back later and go through all of these when I'm not stumbling off to bed. I love lists like this, it's so fun to see what people are up to when they surf!

    My T13 is up!

    Happy0303 said...

    I've tried that Google Earth thing before. It's pretty cool!

    Denise said...

    I'll have to check these out soon! Thanks for sharing.

    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    We'll have to see them when I have enough time.
    My T13 is up too.

    angela said...

    Amazing...I NEVER find stuff like this by myself...I'm going to check the cat one.:-)

    Carmen said...

    That Stuff on My Cat site cracks me up. My cat wouldn't stand for it. :)

    Louise said...

    Evil, evil, evil.

    No I will get no work at all done

    Reverberate58 said...

    Google Earth is fun. Lots to hang out and visit there! Great list of places to play!

    My T13 is up! Have a Terrific Thursday!

    gail said...

    Google Earth is pretty one is funny!
    My TT is up.

    Tricia said...

    Great list! Atom films are wonderful. :)

    Momma Bee said...

    Oh, what I would give to be bored and check these sites out! ;) Thanks for sharing...I've heard Google Earth is way cool.

    So sorry for not making it by when you last commented on my T-13. I've been a very bad blogger, but I'm trying to make up for it! :)

    Stacy said...

    Google rules, that is for sure! I heart Google anything :)

    I often find TOO much to do on the Internet, but now I know lots of fun things to check out and try if I run out of things to research, read, window shop, etc. Cool list and a great idea!

    Have a great day, I played too!

    dawn said...

    neat list. some really cool sites

    my list is up

    Susan said...

    Enjoyed your list and the time it took you to put it together.

    My TT is up here. Drop by for a visit sometime!!

    Great Day said...

    i'm bored outta my mind, so thank for the busters!!

    Moogie said...

    Oooh, these are great. I had know idea they were out there. Thanks for stopping by today!

    Glamorous Redneck said...

    I love that first site! When I first found it, I laughed for a good two hours!

    Shash said...

    Cool!! More sites to visit! Thanks!


    Bar said...

    WOW - thanks, I love short films!!!

    Christine said...

    Awesome boredome busters. Thanks for the links.

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