Thursday, June 15, 2006

13 Things My Dad Used To Say...

My husband, J, my father, and my brother

In honor of Father's Day...

13 Things TLC's Father Used to Say:
  • "I'm Gonna Learn Ya Somethin." This as he was being silly but really trying to teach me something he thought I didn't know
  • "If you're gonna dance, ya gotta pay the fiddler."this after my first was a doozy
  • "Pull my finger." you don't want to know!
  • "There are two ways to do something, "Dad's way, and the right way." he was in the Army, enough said?
  • "Beware of the Barking Spiders."these came after you pulled his finger...
  • "A job worth doing is worth doing right." it took me years to allow myself to get past that. sometimes, 'good enough', is.
  • "What? Do you think I'm made of money?" always said jokingly. I then often got what I asked for, if it was reasonable
  • "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." AND "It's nothing that 100 monkeys and a wrench (or, he sometimes said hammer) wouldn't fix."
  • "If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you?"
  • Your word is your bond: it's all anyone knows about you. If you don't keep it, what does that tell them?" the greatest thing my father taught me was integrity. He is a great man, and his character is faultless. If he says he will do something, he does it, always. I learned that, too.
  • "I don't care what they're doing, they aren't my kids. You are, and you aren't gonna do it!"
  • "There are two ways to get up in the morning: some people roll over and say, "Oh, God, morning." Some wake up and say, "Oh, 'Morning God!" You have to get up, you might as well have a good attitude about it." I never did learn the art of getting up father did it and still does"
  • We clashed a lot as I was growing up...that's why #13 was so important to me:

  • "I guess you turned out alright. I like who you have become."
  • And after he mellowed even more:
  • You gave me the greatest gift I ever got: my grandchildren." Guess he mellowed a bit in his grandpa years"
  • My father and my mother with their grandchildren
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    T, who,owes much of who she is to her father

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    24 sent chocolate:

    Becki said...

    I can so see my dad in almost all of those (he was in the army before i was born then went back reserves when my oldest son was 6 months old to the present)
    But i think the only one my dad is famous for that you didnt have was. "I let you do it so you would learn. Give a horse enough rope iteventually will hang itself)

    Gail Martin said...

    That was so touching. I loved the last one.

    Another dad one was, "You weren't born in a barn." and "Who pays the light bills around here?" or "Don't you know how to turn off a light?"

    Heather Smith said...

    Great list! Your dad sounds like a good one!

    Christina said...

    Very sweet list and great memories of your father. #13 is so sweet - it reminded me of my wedding day, when my father told me that he was proud of how I had turned out. Have a nice Thursday!


    Carmen said...

    My dad STILL says some of these. :)

    Wystful1 said...

    Pull my finger? I don't even have to ask!!!

    Sweet tribute to your father.

    My Thurs 13 is posted

    Mary said...

    OMG! I think we have the same dad! Are we long lost family? Yeah - NEVER pull the finger! Never ever!

    Pixie said...

    Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man. Happy father's day to him. :-)

    Kimba said...

    You're father reminds me of mine! Treasure him!

    Stop by!

    Reverberate58 said...

    Very nice! Your dad is a very wise man and you smart thing you listened to him and learned!!

    Wonderful sharing. My T13 is up!

    Glamorous Redneck said...

    Hey! I just did my first Thursday 13 this week. Your dad sounds a lot like mine. Maybe the whole "pull my finger" bit is in the Top Secret Dad Manual! :)

    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    Your dad seems to a fun person to be with. Great Dad. I would greet him a Happy Father's Day too.
    My T13 is up too.

    Unknown said...

    What a sweet photo! Those are classic daddy phrases. I am familiar with most, and I had lots of pull my finger experience, mostly with my brothers who proceeded with or without the finger pull. Great list! Mine is up!

    Shash said...

    Awww, great T13!


    Super Happy Jen said...

    Now I have to figure out what I'm going to get my Dad for father's day. Is your Dad as hard to shop for?

    Anonymous said...

    Great picture of your parents and the grandkids.

    My dad's favorite? "That doesn't amount to a hill of beans."

    And what the hell is a 'hill of beans?'

    Anonymous said...

    Sound like you have a great family!
    Great TT

    Anonymous said...

    What a great tribute to your dad. My dad said some amazing things too. We didn't appreciate it when we were kids, but I do now. My dad was a morning person too and he tought me the same thing - be thankful and I am still a morning person...

    BTW - congrats on your silver medal - it is ready for 'pick-up'. Thank you for playing along.:)

    Anonymous said...

    The guys in your family are all cuties! What a fun picture :)

    Unknown said...

    My father said a few of those too! I stopped by to say thanks for playing in the Blog Olympics Training Camp!

    Unknown said...

    My father said a few of those too! I stopped by to say thanks for playing in the Blog Olympics Training Camp!

    Anonymous said...

    Nice pics, nice family...

    So, the right way is Dad's way? ;)

    Happy Father's Day!

    I believe others would love to read this lovely posting...I linked it up in my blog. :)

    sonia a. mascaro said...

    A belated Happy Father's Day!
    You have a beautiful family!

    Anonymous said...

    I think I like your Dad!!!

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