Monday, June 12, 2006

My Brain is a Scrambled Egg

JBear, just before he was headed to bed:

"Mama, what would you name me if I was a cat and you were a human?"

WHAT?! I have no idea, it's bedtime, just get there! Gah. What is with the esoteric questions at bedtime? Doesn't he know my brain doesn't work after 9 o' clock at night? It must rest from the onslaught of the day! I can take these questions when the sun is up, And we know there are so many of them! But at night, my brain shuts down. It's why I do my best blogging then!

T, who is NOT Carl Sagan, I don't have the Mysteries of the Universe

2 sent chocolate:


Oh...just like any normal kid. Anything to stall bedtime.

TLC said...

friday's child: pretty much, yes. I probably should have pointed out to him (and to those reading) that contrary to popular belief, though I may scream at times like a banshee, I am indeed, still human. Why he doesnt' know this is a bit scary. LOL!

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