Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anyone Have a Fire Extinguisher?

Yes, I think my hair's on fire. I feel like I am not posting as often as I might like. This time of year is always really busy, and this year is no exception. JBug is a departing 6th grader, so we have and are having: the Play, the Cast Party, meetings to plan the Cast Party, meetings for volunteers at the library, as well as all of the things we normally do. I feel like I haven't caught my breath since Memorial Day Weekend.

Every year is too busy. Every year I say it won't be. And then I sign my kids up for swimming lessons, or horseback camp or summer theater...and kick myself because we are too busy! You would think I would learn!

I plan little, and then have friends call who want to meet at the park, or can you go to Chuck E. Cheese, or we are headed to the Farmer's Market, want to meet us? Well, how can you say no? Every year, I have a pretty manageable schedule, and then last-minute swim invitations, play dates or shopping trips seem to come up. And I am left thinking I am never home, and feeling way too busy.

This year, will be different. You're laughing at me! Why?? This year, I will pick and choose and we will stay home more. I think that a kid's creative bent isn't nurtured if they are always on the go. So this year, I do plan to have more home activities, and less running around. I am dying to try this: EepyBird Ok, not as elaborate, more of a variation, create our own iMovies, lots of art, kitchen experiments...there is more than enough to keep us busy at home. I hope. We'll see how it goes. Of course, we will make time for watermelon seed spitting contests. What's summer without that?

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