Saturday, June 03, 2006

Go, Go, Go Joseph!

Tonight was closing night of my daughter's school play. It has been a fun week. They were performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. JBug was an Adoring Girl, one of the "fans" of Pharoah. For a quick bit on what the heck the show is about, check out Purdue's Joseph.

So here are some pictures. I didn't take a lot, I was busy working costumes and really I forgot I even had my camera with me! But I did get a few. Quality isn't that good, but you can get an idea of how the play was staged. There were 77 kids in the entire production: 5th and 6th graders. Those teachers/directors need a medal! They are amazing. The caliber of the production is higher than most school plays. We have a good volunteer pool of parents, so that helps. But the school also has an arts emphasis, so plays are taken more seriously. The cool kids are involved in theatre, and there is no stigma for the boys, it is just what you do.

Here is a mom doing makeup. This year there wasn't that much to do: a couple of beards, some eye stuff, a bit of foundation. When we did Fiddler on the Roof, there was a lot of aging that needed to be done. This was easy.

This is the chaos of the costume room. Imagine, 77 kids getting ready at the beginning of the show. They are good kids, that helps.

The go go dancers. These were the most coveted costumes in the entire play. Many of the girls wanted to be able to wear these.

The scene right before "Pharoah is in the building!"

Pharoah is in the building! JBug is on the right, sitting on the floor. Sorry about the quality, I enhanced and enlarged and cropped and and trying to get a better shot.

A group shot of Pharoah, his Adoring Girls (who carry cheerleading pom poms, are annoying and faint when he is around). They had the best costumes in the play: white with gold accents, gold headresses, gold sandals, gold jewelry and even gold makeup. Very cool.

full shot of Pharoah and a Narrator. Notice the Blue Suede Shoes. Uh huh, thank you very much!

close up of Pharoah's makeup. This is the only photo of makeup I took. I could kick myself!.

JBug, ready for curtain opening. All the kids started out in tie-dye t-shirts and jeans, except the narrators and a couple of leads that you don't see yet. She is, of course, wearing stage makeup. I do not let her wear makeup yet!

This production was bittersweet, because I have helped all three years, and JBug has been in the cast as well. As a departing 6th grader, that phase is over now. But there will be more to come. JBug has a passion for theatre, and we will continue to nurture that as much as we are able. I love theatre as well, so I know the highs that come from work well done and a show that flows. The show was so good Friday night that we had to take the kids for pizza in order to get them off the ceiling! They were on such an adrenalin rush! It has been a great experience for JBug, and I am so pleased that she was able to be involved.

T, who adores her Adoring Girl

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Scone said...

I LOVE that play! Actually, I end up loving any play that I or people close to me have been in. (Well, except Oklahoma! but I digress.) You are a very cool mom, and your kids are lucky to have this experience so young. Go you!

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