Thursday, June 22, 2006

T13- No More Teachers, No More Books...

Today, I have a guest Thirteener, my daughter, JBug. She is chomping at the bit to tell you about her teacher, whom she really thought was unfair most of the year. (can't say I disagree with her). The teacher actually liked her, but JBug watched the treatment other kids received from her and just stewed.

13 Reasons that JBug Disliked Her Teacher
  • 1. She was too strict.

  • 2. She gave too much homework.

  • 3. Her expectations were way too high.

  • 4. She was a perfectionist and expected everyone else to be.

  • 5. She picked on certain students and showcased others.

  • 6. She assigned too many essays.

  • 7. She made us run laps if we talked during the opening exercises of P.E.

  • 8. She didn't let us go to lunch until we were dismissed which made us last in line and sometimes they ran out of food! COLD grilled cheese (because they are out of everything else) is not a good lunch!

  • 9. She gave us "fun" projects that weren't fun at all!
  • 10. She should have been a college teacher, her expectations were that high.

  • 11. She expected us to be "scholars." (whatever happened to learning because you want to??)

  • 12. She did fun activities like art and science while students were out for pull-out activities like band or drama.

  • 13. During the End of Year party she excluded some students who hadn't finished a project. They had to sit out of the swimming and work on the project, missing most of the pool time. They had fifteen minutes to swim...out of 3 hours!

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    T, who AGREES with most of JBug's reasons

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    Carmen said...

    My mom was a teacher - a really good one - but sometimes kids thought she was too strict. They're the ones that come up to her now, 30 years later, and tell her THANK YOU! Just a thought. :)

    TLC said...

    Carmen: Believe me, I had a couple of "strict" teachers that later I appreciated. This teacher is nothing like that. She really is odious.

    Karen said...

    That sounds exactly like the teacher my youngest son had this year.

    I personally couldn't stand her, let alone disagreed with her teaching skills. However, we talked about it and it was a good lesson about dealing with difficult people.

    I'm sorry JBug had such a meanie! And what a wonderful idea for TT!

    Mine are up.

    Shash said...

    Spiff has had techers like that. This year was great though

    Welcome to summer, JBug!


    Ardice said...

    I think at one time or another we've all had a teacher like that. The summer is here and you & Jbug won't have to deal with her :)

    My TT's up. Have a wonderful Thursday. TakeCare...

    Christine said...

    What a great idea to have one of your kids as a guest poster! I don't mind strict teachers, it's the making examples of children I find wrong. Have a great Thursday!

    Lisa said...

    Hi There,
    That is exactly how I felt about a teacher I had in school once. She was completley unfair. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

    Martina said...

    It sounds like this teacher wasn't able to include everyone.

    Hopefully writing about it has helped your daughter. It is sad that some teachers don't realize how they impact their students. Expecting students to work is one thing, excluding students however does not encourage learning for learning's sake.

    I hope she has a better classroom experience in the fall.

    Susan said... an educator...this makes me so frustrated!!!! I hate it that there are teachers in the world like this.

    Hooray for your daughter for being so aware of fairness and equity!!

    My TT is up here.

    Elle said...

    That sounds like one power hungry teacher!

    Have a great TT
    Elle x

    Mom Nancy said...

    She sounds like a tough teacher. Good for you sticking it out!

    My TT is up, too.

    PatentPrincess said...

    Congrats Jbug for making it through the year!

    "She picked on certain students and showcased others." - that is one of the worst qualities in a teacher, and I've seen it on all levels, from elementary school to grad school. I have been on both ends of that equation (being showcased and being picked on) and I didn't really like being in either position.

    txsoapmom43 said...

    Awwww! Poor kid. I could name a few of my teachers whom I disliked a lot. But then I also had some pretty awesome teachers too.

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