Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You would have an iCrush too, if it happened to you

So you want to know where I have been, right? I mean, you love me and miss me and you have to know what I am doing with myself, yeah?

Sadly, my computer, he went boom. Or rather, crash. Or Floop. Or a ton of other onomatopoeias to describe, "Rip out my heart and stomp it into the ground while losing ALL of my data." It was ugly.

On July 4th, my computer, he wouldn't boot, he was slow. So I called tech support at Apple (after trying to repair and verify the disk on my own.) The tech took me through a few higher-level fixes, and finally, after two hours, I got this message:

could not repair disk after three tries. Disk fail.

It was ugly. BUT, it was under warranty...Well, there was nothing left to do but make an appointment with the Apple Genius and see what could be done.

His name was Jordan. He had sweet, dancing eyes. And he was quick to smile. Had I been about twenty years younger, I'd have fallen for him. As it was, I was at his mercy. He had my baby. I brought him (ok, it) in, laying him it on the bar, taking my place at the hipper-than-thou counter. There was my name, up on the screen, it was my turn. Time for him to work his Apple Magic. I raised my eyes anxiously, as I handed him my Macbook. Be gentle. "Tech support said hard drive, " I said. He smiled and said, "Yes, that's what it sounds like." He licked his lips. Eying me seriously: "It can't even find the partition. Definitely the hard drive. He clucked his tongue, sucking it a bit. Needs a new one."

I looked down. "Can you fix it? I need it by the end of the month, I am due to take it to Chicago." He winked at me. "Oh we will definitely have it happy by then! It will be done in 4-6 days. We'll get you all fixed up. You can't be without a computer longer than that!" I stifled my cougar impulse. It was natural to be grateful. This was my computer, after all.

"Just be gentle with it, it is pristine, it has been in an after-market case." "His blue eyes twinkled, "I noticed that, clearly a lot of care is taken with it. Not a fingerprint on it. We'll put this baby straight into a foam sleeve, don't worry. I'll take care of everything. He flashed me a reassuring smile and met my eyes across the top of the bar. I'll be gentle, I've done this before."

And just like that, I fell in love with an Apple Genius.

P.S. Ok, so I can't really be in love with the Apple Genius, because I am in love with my husband. The paper in my birdcage, my man, JNerd, he saved almost all the data that my computer tried to eat as the hard drive went south. He saved the pictures, and the Keychain, (which means I can find all my stuff and passwords from like forever). He saved my blog posts, and my writing and images and most everything else. So, there really isn't room for the Apple Genius. Just don't tell him that...I want him to want to do good things for me.

P.S.S. well, not for me, for my computer.

P.S.S.S. which really, when you get down to it, the two are the same.

P.S.S.S.S. me and the computer.

P.S.S.S.S.S. I am not really a Cougar, I just apparently play one on my blog.

T, who is counting the days

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Starlene said...

I almost left a comment for you last night. I was wondering where you were. Then this morning I saw on FB that you and hubby had been dealing with the flu. I thought that was all. Little did I know.

So... given your experience. What is your advice for a fellow Macbook user? I've never once backed anything up and, honestly, don't even know how other than to save as much as I can to a memory stick. Anything else I should know so I can save myself the trouble you've gone through (just in case my harddrive ever fails, that is)?

BTW, we don't have any Apple stores in Singapore, thus, no "geniuses." If mine crashes, it has to be sent out for repair or replacement, I think.

Too Many Hats said...

YIKES! I sure hope Apple Genius gets it back to you soon or is it back and that's what you are using, I got confused conjuring up images of Apple Genius to go along with your story, did he look like...oh sorry got carried away.

Tony Letts said...

Computers cause us such grief. This story reminds us to back up stuff we don't want to lose. I'm half-way there with an external hard drive - just need to do it! My friend from Oz was telling me the advice there as to what to grab as you evacuate your house when the bush fire approaches. The most important thing? Photos. The other stuff is insured but photos are irreplaceable. Same sort of rules for computer data!

Lara said...

You crack me up. :-P

Pop and Ice said...

Wow. There's a sad photo of you and then the sexy photo of red lips and a candy apple! You went from sad to sexy-I'm-on-fire after a visit to the Apple Store? Well, repeat that experience again, obviously!

MommyBrainReports said...

OMG! I am Rolling on the floor here... that was amazing!! I love the drama, the suspense!!! Dude... #MacWins hands down!!!!

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