Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here is who I am...love me at Blogher and everywhere

Just in time for BlogHer, thought I would tell you a bit about me, so you know everything there is that matters, and we won't have to make small talk (which I am not good at). I am coming all the way from The O.C. just to meet with you! And can't. wait. Here, without further ado, is more than you ever wanted to know. Also? I am a hugger, so if you want to hug me, make sure you come up and do so! I am @sendchocolate on twitter and most everywhere else..look me up.

I have two children with autism. But I don't define myself by that, even though I list it prominently. I also have a brilliant teenager, and am married to a great guy, my best friend. I don't define myself by them, either.

So how do I define myself? I hate labels, but I guess here's a start:

I hate injustice. Want to piss me off? Pick on the underdog. I don't care who it is, or why.

I love shoes, but don't love paying high prices for them. Still, want to turn me on? Show me some sexy shoes, and tell me they are MINE

I think that morning should be spelled "mourning" because I lament the fact that it I have to get up. I am allergic to the sun before 11 a.m. My family teases me that I am part vampire. Since I am a Christian, I am pretty sure this isn't true. I MUST wear sunglasses when I go outside. Period. I have been known to exclaim "Gah!" when I enter the light for the first time.

I am very much nocturnal. Would love if my day started at 11 a.m. and ended at 3 a.m. Sadly, this is no way to raise children, so I have have had to adapt. Perhaps you see me on twitter late at night... @sendchocolate. Tweet me if you are bored. I will respond.

I am really not that interesting, but if you want here is the obligatory junk about me.

  • 1. I have always wanted to be a writer I kept journals throughout my childhood and through the years until I had kids. They were destroyed in the fire of 2006.
  • 2. I fancied myself a poet, but haven't written poetry since before my kids were born.
  • 3. I have a perfection streak and a fear of failure= terrible combination
  • 4. I was an editor of both my high school newspaper and college, as well.
  • 5. I was once going to run for school board. I decided to put it off a few years, and now I homeschool. I am better off. So are my kids.
  • 6. I was an Army brat until I was a teenager...then we settled in a small town. Wish we'd kept moving.
  • 7. I lived in Alaska for a few years in elementary school; my brother was born there.
  • 8.My parents were asked to let me enter a study on giftedness at the University of Alaska when I was 5. They refused.
  • 9. I never lived up to that hype.
  • 10. I'm ok with that.
  • 11. I am a lifelong learner, I am happiest when I am learning something new.
  • 12. I was a voracious reader as a kid. Now I read when I can. I rarely read fiction, but am always reading for new information.
  • 13. To shut up the "Why?" questions, my parents bought me a set of encyclopedias. I was in Heaven.
  • 14. I used to keep a running list of topics I wanted to look up in the library.
  • 15. Now I keep a list by my bed, or just get up and Google it. I am not as obsessive about Google as I used to be...I actually would get up and look things up in the middle of the night. Not anymore.
  • 16. The Internet is a dream come true for me.
  • 17. I was once told by my crush in high school, "The trouble with you is that we want to talk about what color the car is, and you want to know what the paint is made of."
  • 18. At the time, it broke my heart, but I had to admit he was right.(I still love sexy cars, though)
  • 19. I still want to know what the paint's made of.
  • 20. That quality has served me well.
  • 21. I have been married almost 20 years.
  • 22. I was attracted to his brain. The sex was a fringe benefit...
  • 23. I went through my stage of dating jerks, but found I really like geeks.
  • 24. I am seriously attracted to a large IQ.
  • 25. I realize this is truly pathetic, shallow (can it be shallow?) I'm ok with that.
  • 26. Talk nerdy to me... I'll be putty in your hand. TED? W3C? Extreme Programming? Java? Ubuntu? Ooh, baby. Don't stop.
  • 27. I have an affinity for tech, an intuitive understanding of how it is supposed to work...but cannot troubleshoot at all. Or code. I am getting better, though, at fixing my screw ups.
  • 28. I have a very understanding partner who if I get stuck, comes behind and fixes what I screw up.
  • 29. We have had more than one screaming fight late at night because I have messed up my template and am frustrated.
  • 30. I usually write after the kids are in bed; I concentrate better that way.
  • 31. I thought about not having children, I had cats. I thought it was enough.
  • 32. We said our lifestyle wouldn't change after kids. We would still take weekend trips. 14 years later...ONCE. We do have a weekly date night, and run errands together.
  • 33. I loved being pregnant, and thought I'd never looked better. Birth was easy. The first two times.
  • 34. My third child, JBean, was 10 weeks early. She was in the hospital for a month.
  • 35. I read piles of books, cover to cover, on prematurity. I taught the nurses.
  • 36. My motto: Knowledge is power. (and control, thank you very much) Also? Foreplay.
  • 37. When I found out my son had autism, I locked myself in my room and cried. I did the same thing when my daughter was diagnosed.
  • 38. Then I started googling. Both times.
  • 39. I already knew a lot based upon a Wired magazine article years ago called The AQ Factor. My husband is an engineer. 'Nuff said.
  • 40. Now I feel like I have a handle on this autism thing. And that's usually when I fall on my face.
  • 41. If it doesn't kill me, it just makes me stronger. It is what it is. My six words: Plan B Now, but it's ok.
  • 42. I am a closet Emo fan. Panic at the Disco, Evanescence and My Chemical Romance rule. And honestly? My music is eclectic. About the only thing I don't like much is Classic Rock, Jazz or hardcore rap. Everything else is negotiable. Rock, Country, Classical, you name it...I listen.
  • 43. My 14 year old believes I should be the teenager. She is more conservative than I am. Currently, she is highly pissed at me because I am seriously thinking of a tattoo, and she is offended.
  • 44. I am a night owl. I rarely am in bed before 1 a.m. I need two solid hours to decompress after kids are in bed. I have a 15 yr old who won't go to bed.
  • 45. I am bipolar, but mildly so. This is part of why I don't sleep. But I also just don't like to sleep.
  • 46. I haven't had a major manic episode in 17 years. I am hypo-manic. Creative, feel good, less sleep needed.
  • 47. I don't talk about it because I don't feel like it affects who I am. I definitely don't hide it, though.
  • 48. I have, in the past, been on meds, and wouldn't hesitate to go on them again if needed.
  • 49. I'm not a bitch, I only play one online...sometimes. I do tend to go hard on ideas, soft on feelings. Though really not that hard on ideas. Usually.
  • 50. I seriously see the Internet as a community; a way to connect people and provide support. It is the 21st Century Kaffeklatsch, and I am privileged to be a part of it.
  • T, who can't wait to meet you!

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    Cannot wait to hear all your tales from Blogher :)

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    I may have missed it but in case I didn't - you also have my kind of sense of humour!

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