Friday, July 17, 2009

I said no, and I meant no and that's final.... OMG how cuuuuute!

My littlest daughter has a new love. She wants a chinchilla. Yes, if you said the thing they used to make coats out of, you win! But, it is very cute, and it even made me squee. And they are relatively low-maintenance. I once had a friend who had one. They take dust baths, to keep their fur clean, and they don't ever get fleas. So, there's that. (but it is still another pet, something else to feed and clean up after...NO) Ahhh! Did you hear its wittle squeaks?? Oh, halp and bother.

I could be in trouble here. See what you think?

T, who wants no more things to take care of

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4 sent chocolate:

FlyingLogicMonkey said...

Squeeeeeeee! Adorable cat food. Squeeeeeeeeeee! (You do realize that the cats would kill us if we brought those home. Actually, the cats would kill those, then us. But Squeeeeeeeeee!

Angela said...

They are so cute! But I agree about the having another thing to take care of. Just start a collection of Chinchilla videos and pictures. :)

Mocha said...

The cute little hopping about? Would KILL me. That's just too much cuteness. Get it! Get it!

Too Many Hats said...

Run away, run away, run away. As one mom with kids and cats to another - run away!!!!

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