Thursday, July 30, 2009

If Friday night's all right for fighting, what's Thursday night for? (yes, it's another BlogHer post)

Can you stand another post about Blogher? No? Well, here are some cats that shoot lasers out of their eyes instead... still here? Alrighty, then. I'll carry on.

I went to BlogHer last year, and didn't know a soul, except for some I knew from twitter. I figured it was San Francisco, I knew the city, I had to go. I wrote about it here, and here and here...and oh yeah, and here, too.. about the friends I made, life-long friends that I see and talk to throughout the year, on twitter, on their blogs, In Real Life. So with a successful BlogHer08 behind me, I knew I had to attend Blogher09, come hell or highwater. I said I would sell a kidney to get there.

Fast forward a year...I didn't sell anything, but I still managed to get to Chicago. I am so glad I went. It wasn't the sessions this year, for me it was, the people. People I already knew, I got to know better. People whose blogs I marinate in, I finally got to meet. And new discoveries abounded. Like carrots with ranch dressing, I discovered people I didn't know I couldn't live without until I met them.

I saw you. And we squee-ed, and I told you how hawt your shoes were and how gooood you look. And you said the same to me, and we hugged and squeeed again. We hit the parties, the People's Party, with the unfortunately placed apostrophe that my homeschooling teacher's brain tries unsuccessfully to ignore. We saw Jenny, the Bloggess, in her anxiety wig, hiding in a corner, eyeing the door, wondering if she could make a beeline for her favorite place, the bathroom, before she gets stopped 30 times on the way there. We ran into Chris (da) Mann, that hot hunk of manhood who not only is good looking, he's uber-sweet and can sing his butt off. The party itself was way too noisy and crowded, so we headed to the lobby outside, and met some wonderful people. With amazing shoes. No, I am not obsessed.

Then we went downstairs to the @Room704 party and stood patiently with a bunch of women who were way more insistent than we were that they neeeeded that swag bag. Luckily, @VDog, whom I love, made sure that those who had advertised in the catalog (to help pay for the booze, yo!) got their swag, first. After that, it calmed down a bit, and there was less jostling. And that's also how I ended up the owner of a mini bunny vibe. I would take a picture, but then my daughter would swallow her tongue, and I do say this is a PG-13 blog, after all. ::waving to teenage daughter:: Those Room 704 women are beyond the shit. (kiss, kiss)

We went to drop off our loot in our rooms, then headed to the lobby, just to hang out. The lobby is our favorite after-hours place to congregate, and with the $10,000 table to play with, well, hey, what's not to love? Around ...late, @highimpactmomand @ComplicatedMama decided to head to McDonalds and brought food back. Turns out it was further than they thought, but they still came through. @ComplicatedMama got blisters on her tootsies, just for us. And after that? Those french fries tasted really good. Who would have thought chopped potatoes fried in god-knows-what would be so yummy? But, I think everything tastes better at BlogHer.

Eventually, when we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore, we went to bed. Around 4-ish, I am thinking? I slept until 8:30, then got up and had some coffee, some breakfast (but not the egg-muffin thing with cheese, ham and whateverthehellthatwas...cheese and ham melted together make me want to barf). And, just like that...Friday started with, if not a bang, at least a whimper. The first day was over, too fast, too soon.

coming next: Friday and more parties!

T, who misses all y'all already

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8 sent chocolate:

Lara said...

I could have sworn I commented last night...

I'm curious why you think the apostrophe is misplaced. I'm pretty sure it's correct, no?

Anonymous said...

Holy, craparolly, I think I fixed my commenting problem. Sort of. Mostly with duct tape and mirrors. Don't ask.

Anyway. Another awesome opossum year of BlogHer in your midst, my dear. Cannot wait for NYC. Ready to paint the Big Apple red with you and the rest of the blogospherical babes. Although, I'm quite sure we're going to need to extend by a few days to do it justice.

T. said...

Lara: I am pretty sure it should be Peoples' as in...all of them. It was great to see you and next year we will have to have a drink!

califmom: We will do the Big Apple up right, damn straight. What? About 2 weeks? I want to come in EARLY this time, seems all the good stuff happened early. Wonder if you could fly through LAX? Or me through SFO? Not sure...just some thoughts.

What was your commenting problem, and I never could obey, ask my husband. You say don't ask, and what do I do? Yeah.

Thanks for being there with/for/to me, BlogHer was wonderful. Can't wait to do it again.

Now...about TypeAMom...?


Lara said...

People is already plural, though. Since the word "peoples" doesn't exist, the party can't belong to the "peoples," right? The party belongs to the "people," therefore the possessive apostrophe is correct. ... Right?

Sorry, I'm a nerd. I find these discussions fascinating, but I understand that not everyone else is equally interested by them.

Also, I am SO stoked for the Big Apple BlogHer. Definitely, like you, planning to get there early this time. :)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

It was that obvious that I wanted to run away? I thought I hid it so well.

Also, you are awesomeness squared.

Nicki said...

It sounds like it was so much fun! I went to Blogher last time it was in Chicago, and I really wanted to go this time too (Since I LIVE in Chicago!) but I couldn't afford it! :( Maybe I'll get to meet y ou next year!

Tony Letts said...

My jealousy seems to know no bounds

T. said...

Lara: hanging may be right. And here I am, teaching my children. It still seems to me that it would be Peoples', because there are lots of different people.

Jenny: back at you, baby. I love you to pieces. You rock my socks.

Nicki: so sorry you missed it! Next year, you have to go. Worth selling body parts, trust me!

Tony: come to NYC next year!


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