Thursday, June 25, 2009

Survey Says... (can you take a second to answer a question for me?)

We're close, right? I mean, you read, you laugh, you cry, you... aw,'s the deal. I am taking a survey, PLEASE, weigh in. If you read and don't comment, could you just once, comment?

I am trying to figure out the comments system I want to use on the blog. I recently uninstalled CommentLuv, in order to update it and ran into a problem. It's not a serious problem, but my comments are in limbo land right now..all of my old comments aren't showing, though I am assured by tech support they are still there. I just have to make the time to reinstall some things. That brings me to my question:

Should I bother? Which comment system do you prefer?

I liked Comment Luv because it parses your last blog post and gives a clickable link so it hopefully brings you blog traffic. A number of blogs I love use it very successfully. But they are Wordpress, and it plays better with Comment Luv.

But I found the number of comments went down after I installed it.

1. Would you prefer not to type in your info and URL? (it doesn't save it, or spam you or anything else, just pulls that last blog post in to show as a link for you).

Do you like the existing Blogger comments, as primitive as they are? Would you like to be able to link your last post, or does that even interest you?

T, who loves CommentLuv, truth be told

8 sent chocolate:

Anonymous said...

Whatever one let you post without logging in or having an account works for me. Beth

Summer said...

I like Comment Luv, but if they're an issue then don't do them

Rabacal said...

I guess I am new enough to blogging that I didn't even know I could change mine. I don't mind typing in info but others might. You should do what you like best!

Too Many Hats said...

Either is good with me. I seem to remember when you started using comment luv, I had to go through quite a lot to set up to post a comment - so many choices, I was confused - perhaps others were too and that is why comments went down. Once I got through it the first time it was fine though.

mysuestories said...

I like when the comments show my last post written. Many people comment hoping someone will link back totheir blog. I hae found many great blogs that way myself!

Karen F said...

Either is fairly fine, though I find the basic version is generally easier, it's more universal as well.

Sugar Jones said...

You know I actually LOVE Comment Luv and am looking forward to being able to put it up on my blog, too. I love being able to link to the other readers' last posts.

gunnsy said...

Comment luv is a great way to encourage comment. i luv the way it adds from your blog feed

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