Monday, August 03, 2009

How to party like a BlogStar, and get past all the velvet ropes

I am not really an extrovert, though I play one online, and in limited doses in real life. But I am truly an introvert, because the test is, do people drain you or give you energy? And honestly? people who don't start out online suck I need to have quiet time to recharge. I do genuinely like most people, and I enjoy hanging out with them, having conversations and just generally getting to know them. But eventually, I have to spend some time by myself, even if it is just a couple of hours. so don't let the door slam on your way out..your butt looks fab in those jeans! I'll call you!.

But some places, like BlogHer, I can keep going, (and going) for a finite period and figure I will crash once I get home. Breaks to take a shower in my room were really all of the time-out I needed. There were people to see, and new bloggers to meet and time to acquaint myself with others in my niche. Because? I didn't come all the way to Chicago to hibernate! I can sleep when I'm dead on the plane.

I met a lot of bloggers again, and some for the first time, and some for the first time but I felt like it was again and it was wonderful. My only regret is that I didn't get pictures with everyone; I did not want to appear to be some fangirl, I am a freakin' blogging professional dammit. So when I met Tanis again, even though her writing at Redneck Mommy rocks my socks, I didn't get a picture with her. (maybe it is better there was no evidence?) And same with Mr. Lady. I spent time talking to both of them, but didn't do the picture thing.

And when I ran into Her Bad Mother, again, no picture. And Casey, from Moosh in Indy...And, about a thousand other bloggers that I know and love from afar? Same thing. I am notorious for taking pictures of other people, with no evidence of my actually being there. What can I say? It's a gift. Some people are great photographers, I am great at ...leaving myself out of events.

But Friday night, I went to the official BlogHer cocktail party and met some long time friends from twitter. It was awesome to meet them. The party was a lot of fun, with karaoke, some dancing, and it was the first time I heard Michael singing Funky Cold Medina.(but didn't actually meet him until later.) Had a couple of drinks, the first one was a Sobe lemon martini. I swear Sobe water is not a good mixer... in any case. I make better drinks at home. You know when you leave ice cubes in a drink to melt and it tastes like booze-flavored tap water? Yeah, it was like that. The cranberry & vodka was a bit better, at the regular bar.

There was a photobooth , and of course, we couldn't resist, took some goofy pics with @califmom.(see? evidence I was there!). then we headed off to other parties.

I had to attend the Type-A Momfluence Party, since, well, I write for them and stuff. The bartender made the best drink: Starbucks Coffee Liqueur, vodka, Cream de Cassis and a splash of coffee. It was potent, and wonderful. At the appointed time, people showed up for the swag, after standing in line and just about killing one another for free crap. I mean, really. Is this how our mothers taught us to behave? I met more cool bloggers (Texas Red, Kelby Carr) But we were burning daylight, and there were more parties to hit! I mean, come on, when do I ever get to party hop??.

We sailed into the Mommy Needs a Cocktail Party, I was a tad tipsy, from the amazing Starbucks drink. The Mommy Party had an espresso bar and I was able to get me a nice mocha, with whipped cream. No more alcohol. I know my limits, people! And? We took these amazing pictures, because? It's just the way we roll. Silly, eh?.

A stop at the chocolate (dark!!) heaven fountain, and then we we headed to the MamaPop party...

After the check-in chicky found our name on the list at the door (which feels really good, by the way) we entered the bestest most Sparklecorniest MamaPop-iest party of the night, so says me. What made it so great? It wasn't the swag. (there was none!) It was the PEOPLE, people. All of the friends, followers and fun-makers from twitter and the Intarwebz were there. Megan, Miss, Yvonne, RLM, Michael, Britt, Leah, Shannan, Whit, George, Lex, Anissa, Shari and so many more. (I know I forgot you, and I SO hate that when it happens to me, so comment and I will add you, promise!)

The DJ was rockin and we all just danced up a storm. I dumped my shoes, which, by that time, though they were sexy, were making my feet hurt. I haven't danced like that in a long time, and it was absolutely the highlight for me. Again, no pics w/ me in them, since I took them. I really have to start accosting strangers asking people to take pictures of me at parties! @califmom ate unicorn ass, but I just wasn't in the mood. We danced some more and just had a grand time. Strains of "It Takes Two", "Word Up" and so many more songs I haven't heard in years just made our feet go with a mind of their own. It was a very successful party, and over too soon. But we weren't over. So.

We took the party to the Chi Bar and had a few drinks. Closed up the bar and ended up in the lobby, chatting, a bunch of random people, until bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, we trudged upstairs to get a few hours of shut-eye around 4 a.m. Just another night at BlogHer.

All too soon, Saturday was coming...and with it, our last day of BlogHer...

T, who hopes you like these recaps

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7 sent chocolate:

Summer said...

You are such a party girl. ;) I think I hid out more than anything, people scare me. LOL

Whit said...

Good times! If I recall correctly that picture was taken just moments before Bossy bit me. Or maybe not.

T. said...

Summer: when you can go without kids, it makes a huge difference. Just you wait.

Whit: I have no idea if Bossy bit you, but I bet someone blogged it, somewhere.

Wish we could do it all over again. (well, maybe for you, minus the bite...)


Angela said...

And sooooo you will be going to TypeAMom Con too, right? Cause you know, Kelby is going to be throwing a smashing blog convention and whatnot. I will be there, and since I LOVE dark chocolate and we have a kick ass Chocolate Bar in town, you should totally be there to enjoy the chocolatey goodness.

Tony Letts said...

Judging from the photos, you didn't really need too much alcohol. Where's my nearest Bloghim?

Jason said...

Great blog you have here. I have a humor blog as well and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know, either by email or through my site, if this is possible. Jason

T. said...

Angela: I am looking into going to TypeAMomCon... I am from here to there are spendy.

Tony: BlogHer IS BlogHim, 90% women, 10% men, what's not to like??

Jason: thanks, Jason, I will check out your blog, and be in touch!


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