Monday, June 01, 2009

How to fix a suck-egg day in one easy step

Yesterday was one of those "everything go wrong" days... I can't point to a ton of things, just little stuff. The cat decided to make my house her litter box (anyone want to kill my a cat??) Yeah, right now, her poop is very weak with me...I am wondering why I keep her around.

I was still dealing with the aftermath of going out and things going wrong. My son had a "diet incident" while staying with his aunt and spent Saturday afternoon in the bathroom, missing a soccer game with his grandparents, and guess who is mad at me? Yeah, they are. As if I could control my son's bowel habits. (autism sucks sometimes, seriously) Then JMan and I spent the afternoon bickering over a misunderstanding, that just sucks eggs. So I was already in a bad mood.

Then I didn't sleep well, had nightmares. Sunday, we all had stuffy noses and sore throats so we missed church. And JMan and I woke up grumpy, and just there was more miscommunication all day. (Asperger's can #suckit) I was feeling really down, and wondering why I bothered to stick around instead of running away with the gypsies get outta bed. I broke a glass, dealt with JBear's sass (can I just put him on the curb for the gypsies??) and was not very receptive or expressive when JMan came home from Costco. I was running around doing laundry, and trying not to snap at the kids when I looked on the couch and burst into tears.

These were waiting for me in front of my computer. For no reason, except just to be thoughtful (and my Love Language is Gifts and Acts of Service, so it meant the world to me). Notice the chocolate. This man knows the way to my heart.

I think I'll keep him.

T, who was pleasantly surprised

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4 sent chocolate:

Tony Letts said...

We men get a bad press - but deep down................

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Maura said...

Sweet! :-)

badassdad05 said...

That sucks your weekend went to hell! But I'm glad the J-man was clued-in enough to do something about it. Sometimes we don't fuck up. :)

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TooManyHats said...

JMan gets huge points for that.

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