Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tony Awards in two minutes

So you didn't have time to watch 3 hours of the Tony's? That's ok, you can simply listen to Neil Patrick Harris do the finale and you'll know most of what went on. ...minus the crotch action from Rock of Ages and Hair, but hey, you can't have it all. (but... if you click on the links, you can watch, because I am just that kinda gal)

T, who loves me some musicals

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5 sent chocolate:

Guest said...

'Didn't have time to watch for three hours,'.......really? You surprise me! Why not pray? Other more pressing matters upon your time perchance? You and me both dearie! I swear that chocolate at the top of your banner gets more yummy and tempting every time.

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T, blog owner said...

Actually, that's what the DVR is for. I record and watch on my own time. And I did watch. I just know others do not. I am all about the musicals, I watch with JNerd and my daughter... we love it.


TooManyHats said...

I totally forgot it was on :( I always enjoy watching it. I love musicals and I love live theater. We never get to go. I only get to go to operas now-a-days. They are fine and dandy, but give me a musical anyday. Sorry I missed it, but enjoyed the recap here.

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Guest said...

Now if I could just get up to NY to see all of the great shows! Thanks for this clip, it's nice to find other Broadway lovers in the Blogosphere.

Rabacal said...

Now if I could just get up to NY to see all of the great shows! It's nice to know there are other Broadway lovers out here in the Blogosphere. Thanks for posting this video clip.

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