Friday, June 12, 2009

Why not Vegas for a wedding? Cheez!

When I think of June, I think of June weddings. Blushing brides, fainting grooms, candid pictures and tacky wedding cakes. I liked these and wanted to share. Not that I would ever want a big wedding... almost 20 years ago, JNerd and I married in front of my parents, a minister and the two standing up for us. It was enough. We always said we would "do it right" but really? We are married. It's enough. Still...

This couple had a "proper" Vegas wedding. All guests dressed the part and the couple even got married in character. Every time I watch this it makes me laugh.

And this next one, I can't embed, but trust me, you want to see it. It's the best wedding toast, EVAR. Seriously, after this? Nothing else will compare.

Also, I found this great blog full of really tacky wedding stuff, you probably owe it to yourself to visit, if you like to laugh.

Tacky Weddings

So now that you can see what is out there, make sure you pass it on to your friends who are getting married. I would LOVE to get married as Vegas strip aficionados. How fun!

T, who is easily entertained

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Tony Letts said...

Amazing - as you said it is the best wedding toast ever! Loved it!

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