Saturday, June 20, 2009

After All, Tomorrow is...Another Day! (dammit)

Some days it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. You've heard that one before, but reallly. I am ready to check myself into the Hat Factory, just for some rest.

We had a bang-on couple of days here.

  • I had food poisoning that knocked me out of the running for Mom o Da Year for two days straight. I mean it kicked my ass

  • JNerd's car pooped out and it was an adventure having it towed to the garage, where it still sits.

  • In a show of stellar parenting, I started the day by berating my oldest daughter for freezing up in a situation I thought she should be able to handle. In my defense, the tears started before I yelled at her. But yes, I felt like an flea on an amoeba. Maybe lower.

  • I sat holding JBean's hand in the bathroom so she could "go" and when that proved unfruitful, had to administer,"poo poo medicine" and you haven't lived until you have put your hands where things are supposed to only come out. Very icky and the tears, and drama, oh! Not fun for either of us, but the endeavor was successful, eventually

  • I forgot to pick up JBean's costume at the cleaners (where it is being altered) for her gala performance that I thought was next week, but is actually Sunday, and the Dress Rehearsal is tomorrow, at 10 am. And when did I remember this, pray tell? At ONE A.M. on Friday night/Saturday morning! Thank GOD the cleaners is open at 9 and the theatre is only 10 minutes from my house!

  • JNerd will once again soon be out of a job which just sucks

  • once again my writing genius was overlooked in a key way. I know I am in good company, but there are times I just get tired.

  • residents have come to live with us, new pets: Porcupine, Monkey, Squirrel. Prickly, jumpy and non-attentive critters, otherwise known as PMS... which both my lovely daughter and I get to deal with...together. God must laugh and laugh at us. PMS sucks, thankuverymuch. Shuddap. what do you mean put this knife down?? You don't love me anymore!!! Ack, what the hell is wrong with meeeeee? PMS. Oh, that.

Not a good day.

T, who is going to bed now

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2 sent chocolate:

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

Oh good lord! that is just... Wow. Sending you good vibes from here on out :)

Xocai said...

Is that is so then I will be the first person to do that...thanks!

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