Friday, June 12, 2009

Get ME a pitchfork, I am freakin' mad!

Sorry, I am crossposting this on all of my sites. I simply feel the issue is too important to ignore. Thanks!

You might remember earlier this year about the teacher from Port St. Lucie, FL who had her class vote on whether Alex Barton, a child with autism, could remain in her Kindergarten class. He was voted out, traumatized and refused to return to school. There was a great uproar and teacher Wendy Portillo was suspended without pay for a year with her tenure revoked.

The school board quietly reversed its decision this week the rest here...and you do need to read it.

T, who wonders just what the hell the world is coming to

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Tony Letts said...

Tina, the bit that really worries me is that 'she had her class vote' on the expulsion issue. If she involved the other kids in the decision, she was sowing the seed of unfair discrimination in those kids. This teacher should not only have lost her job forever, she should have been punished for her actions. This has made me furious. Please put out a gooey chocolatey post next to try to get us back on the ground :) Poor Alex.

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