Thursday, June 25, 2009

Survey Says... (can you take a second to answer a question for me?)

We're close, right? I mean, you read, you laugh, you cry, you... aw,'s the deal. I am taking a survey, PLEASE, weigh in. If you read and don't comment, could you just once, comment?

I am trying to figure out the comments system I want to use on the blog. I recently uninstalled CommentLuv, in order to update it and ran into a problem. It's not a serious problem, but my comments are in limbo land right now..all of my old comments aren't showing, though I am assured by tech support they are still there. I just have to make the time to reinstall some things. That brings me to my question:

Should I bother? Which comment system do you prefer?

I liked Comment Luv because it parses your last blog post and gives a clickable link so it hopefully brings you blog traffic. A number of blogs I love use it very successfully. But they are Wordpress, and it plays better with Comment Luv.

But I found the number of comments went down after I installed it.

1. Would you prefer not to type in your info and URL? (it doesn't save it, or spam you or anything else, just pulls that last blog post in to show as a link for you).

Do you like the existing Blogger comments, as primitive as they are? Would you like to be able to link your last post, or does that even interest you?

T, who loves CommentLuv, truth be told

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stake him, quick, before they can make the damn sequel!

I have made no secret of the fact I am not a big Twilight fan. I find it overrated, poorly written and the movie? Hah, don't even talk to me about the movie. Awful direction, wooden acting.. this is what I thought of it.

Finally, someone has done a decent treatment of it. I always wondered what would happen if Buffy met up with Edward Cullen. Here's your answer.

Enjoy. I did.

T, who prefers her vampires with more gothic sexiness

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

After All, Tomorrow is...Another Day! (dammit)

Some days it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. You've heard that one before, but reallly. I am ready to check myself into the Hat Factory, just for some rest.

We had a bang-on couple of days here.

  • I had food poisoning that knocked me out of the running for Mom o Da Year for two days straight. I mean it kicked my ass

  • JNerd's car pooped out and it was an adventure having it towed to the garage, where it still sits.

  • In a show of stellar parenting, I started the day by berating my oldest daughter for freezing up in a situation I thought she should be able to handle. In my defense, the tears started before I yelled at her. But yes, I felt like an flea on an amoeba. Maybe lower.

  • I sat holding JBean's hand in the bathroom so she could "go" and when that proved unfruitful, had to administer,"poo poo medicine" and you haven't lived until you have put your hands where things are supposed to only come out. Very icky and the tears, and drama, oh! Not fun for either of us, but the endeavor was successful, eventually

  • I forgot to pick up JBean's costume at the cleaners (where it is being altered) for her gala performance that I thought was next week, but is actually Sunday, and the Dress Rehearsal is tomorrow, at 10 am. And when did I remember this, pray tell? At ONE A.M. on Friday night/Saturday morning! Thank GOD the cleaners is open at 9 and the theatre is only 10 minutes from my house!

  • JNerd will once again soon be out of a job which just sucks

  • once again my writing genius was overlooked in a key way. I know I am in good company, but there are times I just get tired.

  • residents have come to live with us, new pets: Porcupine, Monkey, Squirrel. Prickly, jumpy and non-attentive critters, otherwise known as PMS... which both my lovely daughter and I get to deal with...together. God must laugh and laugh at us. PMS sucks, thankuverymuch. Shuddap. what do you mean put this knife down?? You don't love me anymore!!! Ack, what the hell is wrong with meeeeee? PMS. Oh, that.

Not a good day.

T, who is going to bed now

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog Post...

So tonight I was actually going to write a blog post. And then? Twitter happened. You guys are all so funny, personable and entertaining to hang with that I just wasted my night, at least if you figure my night was supposed to be about writing. Which it was. But people like @whithonea, @undomesticdiva @smuttysteff, MagnetoBoldToo and many others keep me busy replying and laughing, not necessarily in that order.

And then, when I was ready to sit down and write after midnight? After my Starbucks mocha and kahlua and was feeling sufficiently mellow? JNerd waggled his eyebrows at me and said, "Let's turn in..early." And well, he is getting...

and you are... getting this. I would apologize but hey, priorities, my dears. Happy husbands are worth all of the blog posts I don't write. Because in the end? I have to live with him, and he has to support my career and be happy that I go to BlogHer and meetups.... so there's that.

See you tomorrow.

T, who is feeling more mellow than usual and shouldn't hit publish but will, anyway...

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Get ME a pitchfork, I am freakin' mad!

Sorry, I am crossposting this on all of my sites. I simply feel the issue is too important to ignore. Thanks!

You might remember earlier this year about the teacher from Port St. Lucie, FL who had her class vote on whether Alex Barton, a child with autism, could remain in her Kindergarten class. He was voted out, traumatized and refused to return to school. There was a great uproar and teacher Wendy Portillo was suspended without pay for a year with her tenure revoked.

The school board quietly reversed its decision this week the rest here...and you do need to read it.

T, who wonders just what the hell the world is coming to

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Why not Vegas for a wedding? Cheez!

When I think of June, I think of June weddings. Blushing brides, fainting grooms, candid pictures and tacky wedding cakes. I liked these and wanted to share. Not that I would ever want a big wedding... almost 20 years ago, JNerd and I married in front of my parents, a minister and the two standing up for us. It was enough. We always said we would "do it right" but really? We are married. It's enough. Still...

This couple had a "proper" Vegas wedding. All guests dressed the part and the couple even got married in character. Every time I watch this it makes me laugh.

And this next one, I can't embed, but trust me, you want to see it. It's the best wedding toast, EVAR. Seriously, after this? Nothing else will compare.

Also, I found this great blog full of really tacky wedding stuff, you probably owe it to yourself to visit, if you like to laugh.

Tacky Weddings

So now that you can see what is out there, make sure you pass it on to your friends who are getting married. I would LOVE to get married as Vegas strip aficionados. How fun!

T, who is easily entertained

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mediocre Mother, it's the new black

Frontispiece to Fireside Education, Samuel Gri...

There's a bit of a fray on bad mothering as a trend on the Interwebz, and as we all know, what's on the Interwebz is completely true, always. Some voices I respect have weighed in, and since this is a post I have been meaning to write for while, I finished it up and here is my take.

I grew up as a latchkey kid. From the time I was in the fourth grade I would walk to school, on my own, every morning. The chain that hung around my neck was cold from the early morning air. All day, I harbored a secret. Hidden and tightly nestled against my chest, warm from the proximity of my heart, was a key. I felt like a big kid. I would arrive home to a list of chores and an empty house. It taught me responsibility. And what it was to be lonely.

While my mother worked full-time, I would sit after school with the television as my only friend, caught up in the world of Suburban Advertising Moms. You know the ones: perfectly coiffed, calling for the Kool-aid Man, (not that she needs rescuing), as her kids emerge from the game, hot and thirsty. She, of the Betty Crocker persuasion, apron-clad, spoon in hand, she bakes up heavenly confections for her family. The smell wafting through the air brings the neighborhood kids forth just in time to get warm brownies. And isn't she a good mother? She didn't believe in the fight for feminism, choosing instead to grace the airwaves with her domestic presence. And I wanted to be her. Or, rather, I wanted her to be home with me. I promised myself I would be home for my kids.

That's exactly what I did. Once I had children, I stopped working, and never looked back. Yes, I remain involved in the community as a leader. And I am not indolent, I work from home as a freelance writer. (earnings are not the issue, the definition of work is) I homeschool my children, due to the lack of accommodations for special needs kids from our local school district. And I am generally more busy than not.

But I failed. Don't get me wrong, I am a good enough. But I never quite measured up to that image in my head of the Good Mother. I expected to be That house. The one on the block where all of the kids congregate? For chocolate chip cookies and video games or Lego, or swingset. And, when my kids were littler that did happen, at least for a bit. But I found that they were loud, and I was annoyed and stressed.

To be honest, part of the reason it didn't work out was that I don't particularly like the kids in this neighborhood. There's the girl down the street whose mom invited us over to go swimming. None of my kids knew how to swim and besides do people really just send their kids over to a strange family's home, willy-nilly? Since I didn't know her, I went with them, and she spent all afternoon in her house, on the phone or cleaning or drinking herself into a stupor who knows what, leaving me outside to watch the kids. All of them, hers included.

And to show that I didn't harbor any ill will, when they invited my daughter to pizza a few weeks later, I said yes. And the mother and her husband proceeded to get in a screaming argument complete with the f bomb in front of my then-sixth grader. no one cusses in front of my kids except me. And this was the good family on the block.

There's the kid next door who was on the same soccer team as my son, and made fun of him for being too slow as he ran for the ball. And the kid next door to him who, when he found out my then young son had a special affection for snails, made sure to turn over all the rocks in the flower bed and stomp the snails hiding there, every chance he had. And then he left the evidence smashed across my driveway for my son to find. So, yes, there is a reason I don't have these kids over at my house.

And this was before we realized just how different my kids were.

I find, that despite how warm or genuine I am, how much of an extrovert I play for limited periods, I don't really like Other People's Children much. At least on my own turf. I love kids, and I love working with kids and I am a high school youth leader at church (that's right, they actually let me near teenagers) but when I am at home, I protect it. Some people have the hospitality gift. I have the Raise the Drawbridge gift, I think. I see home as a castle, fortified against intruders, and while I love a lot of people and want to hang with them, I want to do it outside the walls. Inside, I want to sit around in my underwear, swear under my breath and leave dishes in the sink. That's just not conducive to entertaining.

Not to mention, I have very little domestic anything in me, not even beer. ( I prefer Guinness). I hate to clean house (which stems from being Cinderella to my "ugly-stepsister" family as I was growing up), the thing I would most prefer to make for dinner? Reservations. I tried for years to be a good Christian wife, and I fail miserably. There is a mountain of laundry piled as we speak. I admit it, I suck at the domestic wifely crap. But I have a very happy husband, and if you cannot read between the lines on that one, I refuse to spell it out for you. Let's just say there are some things more important than how springtime-fresh your toilets are.

I have finally, after many years, embraced my lack of mom-ness. I am not Supermom, she doesn't exist. She's about as "real" as the Real Housewives. I am not a bad mother. To the contrary, I am a good-enough mother. I don't do everything I could do for my children's comfort. I am short with them, preferring quiet to chaos more often than not. But I love them, and they know that. Even if I grouse at them, or complain that they don't put their shoes away or lock them outside because they are constantly traipsing in and out of the damn house! I only did that once, I swear, don't call CPS I love them. And that? IS good-enough.

T, who embraces mediocrity, try it

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100 Things Geeks Like, is yours here?

I listen to this uber nerdy cool podcast called Geeks On, hosted by four guys you never heard of out of Hollywood. But they recently finished their 100th show which was 100 Things Geeks Like. They polled a bunch of geeks in 10 categories and told them to write down their Top 10. So here, in all of its glory, is the list. I transcribed it straight from the show, so there is at least one thing that I have no idea what they were talking about. As for the other geeky stuff... I tried to link to things in explanation if you aren't a geek that most people would go,"Huh?" Mouseover to see the links, they aren't showing up because I was lazy when I created the list and didn't use the list tag 200 times, preferring a different tag, which changed the color. Live with it. It's still a pretty kick-ass post. So there.

Still, I think Geeks On forgot some things. See what you think.

100. Google - the company & the products
99. Magic- The Gathering - card game
98. Settlers of Catan - board game
97. Gary Gygax - founder of Dungeons & Dragons
96. Shadowrun -RPG game
95. Belgariad -book (David Eddings)
94. Discworld (Terry Pratchett)-book series
93. Dragon Lance (1st 3 books)
92. MENSA - high IQ organization
91. Steve Jobs - co-creator of Apple Computers
90. X- Files - tv show
89. Elektra - comic book
88. Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy - book
87. GenCon (organization)
86. Robotech
85. Carl Sagan - physicist 
84. Bill Gates - Microsoft
83. Carcassonne (board game)
82. Heroes - tv show
81. Comicon - comic book convention
80. Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) 
79. Terminator/Terminator 2
78. Sandman (gothic-style comic book by Neil Gaiman)
77. Top Ten
76. Foundation Trilogy (Asimov)
75. Knights of the Old Republic - card game
74. RenFaire - period costume faire
73.Iron Giant - movie
72. The Hobbit - animated film
71. Chess (the board game)
70. Superman  the comic
69. Pac Man - video arcade game
68. 2001: A Space Odyssey
67. Batman: The Killing Joke - comic book
66. Metal Gear Solid - video game
65. Street Fighter 2 - video game
64. JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
63. video camera
62. Batman, the animated series
61. Wheel of Time - book by Robert Jordan
60. Star Trek, the movies
59. Batman, the comics
58. Ghost in the Shell - manga and anime
57. Stan Lee - comic creator & icon
56. BioShock - video game
55. Stephen Hawking - theoretical physicist 
54. Puerto Rico - board game
53. TSR/Wizards - game company
52. GPS - global positioning system
51. Ender's Game - book by Orson Scott Card
50. Universal Remote
49. handheld game console
48. Albert Einstein - theoretical physicist
47. Final Fantasy - video game
46. Lost
45. Transformers - original animated series
44. Dr. Who - British tv series
43. Spiderman
42. The Simpsons
41.  Akira - Japanese anime
40.  Riffs (??) - edited: Rifts - RPG game, thanks @Bobbie42 !
39. Gene Roddenberry - creator, Star Trek
38. Storyteller Games: Vampire - RPG game
37. Batman, the movies
36. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - tv show (spun from movie)
35. Portal - computer game
34. Civilization - computer game
33. Matrix, movies
32. Star Trek, TNG
31. Harry Potter, books
30. laptop computer
29. Spirited Away - Japanese anime
28. Indiana Jones
27. Halo (the game)
26. NASA
25.  GURPS - RPG games system
24. World of Warcraft (WoW)
23. cell phones
22.  Alien/Aliens
21. Apple
20. iPod
19. Steven Spielberg
18. Song of Ice and Fire - book series by George RR Martin
17. console gaming (PS, Nintendo etc)
16. George Lucas
15. X-Men -  comic book
14. Twilight Zone
13. Pixar - movie studio
12. Firefly - short-lived tv series created by Joss Wedon
11. personal computer (PC)
10. Blade Runner - movie, based upon Philip K. Dick's book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
9.  Star Trek  
8.  Batman, Dark Knight Returns - Frank Miller comic
7   iPhone
6.  LoTR, movies
5.  The Watchmen - graphic novel series
4.  LoTR, books
3.  Battlestar Galactica
2.  Dungeons & Dragons - Role playing game
1.  Star Wars

I personally add: Big Bang Theory - the tv show, Macs, Dr. Demento, Jolt cola, M.I.T., robots, and zombies.

What do you think was left off? Let me know in comments!

T, who has to admit it,I knew most of the things on that list

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tony Awards in two minutes

So you didn't have time to watch 3 hours of the Tony's? That's ok, you can simply listen to Neil Patrick Harris do the finale and you'll know most of what went on. ...minus the crotch action from Rock of Ages and Hair, but hey, you can't have it all. (but... if you click on the links, you can watch, because I am just that kinda gal)

T, who loves me some musicals

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall, lie to me, damn you!

I have a bump on my nose. Granted, you are probably laughing now and thinking, "Good Lord, how narcissistic can she be?? I assure you, I could be worse.Does that answer your question? Back to me: Yes, the bump is in the middle of my nose, and yes it is small and yes...every time I look in the mirror, I see it. I don't care if no one else can see it, I can. And I am constantly touching it, because it just feels....wrong. I haven't always had a bump in the middle of my nose. I woke up one morning and it was just...there. Kind of like those annoying neighbors that move in in the middle of the night. And throw wild parties. And bring their friends.

And yes, my bump has brought his friends. I now have bumps on my eyelids, too. I am aware that it's gross, but again, you can't see them, just me. They tell me it is all a part of growing older; you lose your baby-smooth skin. Truthfully? I think someone comes in when I am sleeping and adds moles and pigmentation, sort of an insane Dot Fairy...I picture her like the Jack in the Box chick, going through menopause, wild look in her eye, and all "street rat crazy" as Jack put it, with her paintbrush and liquid latex, attacking my body while I sleep.

I awake each morning to the bold new joy of new skin tags where none have been before.Now I know how the Starship Enterprise feels... only without Zachary Quinto. (come to me, my gorgeous hunk of serial-killer Vulcan-ness, you!) Set phasers on stun, boys, mama ain't gonna grow old gracefully! I remember when I was a young (and stupid) teenager, looking at my mother with all her moles and skin tags and just being...secretly grossed out. I was proud of my own flawless skin: legs that were shapely and had no discernible pattern of skin, just smooth, arms without blemish or freckle. I had no idea in my stupidity that I was looking into a Time Mirror! This is God getting even with me for laughing at my mother, right? Because I look in the mirror (as little as possible these days) and I see all of that and more. So far, there are no hairs in my nose, thank everything holy. But the little crows' feet and "laugh lines" around my eyes? Got. To. Go.

I finally understand why women use botox. Yeah, so it's a toxin. But your face! has few wrinkles! And life is a perpetual surprise! All the time! I am actually starting to temper my reactions to things going on around me. I frown less. I definitely scowl less. And I swear, I never thought I would be putting my hands to my forehead to make myself smooth out those lines before they become craters. I didn't expect to be a vain woman, who cares about her age. And truly, in some sense, I don't. I wouldn't trade the years of experience for anything! But when I feel like a twenty-three year old, and look in the mirror to see a not-twenty-three year old? I am not happy. When I go out with JNerd and he gets carded and I fricken don't? I am not happy.

Ok so it's not all bad. They say that sex gets better after 40. It's true. But when your hip locks up? Not. good. And it isn't because I am in lousy shape, either. My body is just getting older. My knees hurt a lot. My legs hurt. I am a wimp, and this getting older thing just SUCKS. Hollywood stars have personal trainers, and private chefs and money for Procedures like chemical peels and botox and lots of specialties so that they still look good well into their 50's. But what about the rest of us?

Granted, life is far from over. Haven't you heard that 50 is the NEW 30? an increasingly vain world of photoshopped magazine covers, where there are few examples of growing old gracefully, perfectly coiffed celebs at awards shows refuse to show their age. And the ones who do are scary-making (seen Angela Lansbury lately?) what is the alternative For Mrs. Mostly-Sane Suburbia? How do women find their place in the sun? (with sunscreen to avoid wrinkles and skin damage, of course!) How do they become comfortable with who they are growing to be? And how do they accept that image in the mirror when the phantom of what they once were skulks just behind in the shadows, eternally out of reach?

I wish I knew.

T, who is really torn on this one

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You can't do the Time Warp again

I was twenty-two and sitting in Denny's, hands clasped over a steaming cup of "mug o' coffee." It was 3 a.m. Seated around a table were all of my friends, as we laughed and ate our Moons Over My Hammy, and Superbird sandwiches. The mood was jubilant, It was a Saturday night and we were in our element.

One of the girls, a doe-eyed, young 18 year old, was eating whipped cream, licking the spoon suggestiively as her black hair cascaded in ringlets down one side of her face. Some of the males sat, transfixed. The women rolled their eyes. I said, "Come on baby, we'll show you how it's done!" And the Whipped Cream Eating Contest was born. The rules were simple: be as sexy as possible while eating it, to the victor went the spoils. In the months following, I was to win the contest numerous times. I also taught the girls a really important skill party trick: how to tie a cherry stem in a knot....with your tongue. Just business as usual for us, the regulars at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Yes, the crazy midnight movie starring Tim Curry was a staple for me, because face it, in Central California, there isn't a whole lot to do! We would go to clubs until midnight and then head to the Dream Theatre in Monterey, where we watched the Rocky, including pantomiming the Devo video- the one with the Giant Baby (giant baby, for the win!). Our "cast" was too cheap to actually have costumes, so we stood up in the front and acted out and yelled lines. This was how we spent our weekends. (Did I mention there was copious amounts of alcohol involved beforehand for those who needed it?)

"It's just a jump to the left...."

After the show, we would go to Denny's and then to the beach and finally to one of the castmember's homes to crash around 5 a.m. It was a crazy time in my life, and I was young, and stupid, and thought I was immortal. There is much I would rather forget. But those midnight flicks in a popcorn-scented luxury film palace are ingrained in my psyche like the gum stuck to my shoes from the theatre floor. I still have fond memories when I hear the opening bars...

"And a step to the ri-i-i-i-ight"

Years later, I saw the Rocky on Mtv. And I was left flat. I wondered why I ever spent so much of my life reciting lines from a cult movie when I could have been, I don't know... what the heck do people do on weekends after midnight? Sleep? Pass out from drinking? Neither alternative really seemed like much of a choice. Still, my daughter doesn't get it, to her it is an immoral movie with a bunch of weirdos dressed in lingerie, and who would watch that. It's not her cup of tea (and I need to be grateful for that!)

"put your hands on your hips... and bring your knees in tiiiiiight."

The Long Beach gang from twitter has been tweeting about going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in San Pedro. Apparently, the first weekend of the month is lingerie night. And while that gives me an excuse to pull out my black velvet corset, my days of keeping those kinds of hours are long gone. With age, comes responsibility, as I am so wont to tell my daughter, and as such, I must attend to my family, forgoing midnight movies (which means I wouldn't be home until after 3 a.m. and that's too long to leave my daughter in charge, especially since she won't sleep with us gone). So, they will have to play without us.

But it's the pelvic thrusts...that really drive you insa-a-a-a-ane...

Do I feel a tinge of regret? A bit, but I recognize that I have a different life now. That dance has been done. It is major shuffling in order to go out at night, and with my kids special needs' , it is just too hard to go out for extended periods, beyond a few hours at night. The other night I went out for karaoke and stayed overnight in Los Angeles with JNerd. We had a good time, but not sure when or if we will do it again. There were...complications. As for the Rocky, the Sword of Damocles is hanging over my head.

but, just one more time, for grins...

"Let's do the Time Warp agaiiiiiiiiiiiiin...

Or, maybe not. It was the end of an era. Pretty sure it is good to keep it that way.

T, who played a pretty good Magenta once upon a time

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Know someone that's tweeting too hard? Report them! (well not really)

There's a new post over at Sweet Schoolin... how to teach your kids to think logically. Quick! go read it. I'll wait.

Are you back? Oh good! I wanted to share with you one of the funniest sites I have found in a long time. We all know those self-important blowhards *coughiamdiddycough* (over a MILLION followers and you follow back 135?) who believe they are God's Gift to Twitter. Well, now, put them where they belong!

A new (to me) website, Tweeting Too Hard, is ready to put them in their place. Here's how it works: You read that self-important tweet, roll your eyes. Then you head to Tweeting Too Hard and enter the URL of the status update and it shows up.

I just put this one in by one of the sexiest, most self-absorbed tweeps on twitter:
Now I'm getting greedy. I want more followers. Like a cult. We'll have an outfit that identfiies us, and everyone gets to be the Pope.@NathanFillion

It's like putting these people in the cage they deserve. Try it, it feels really good, I promise!

T,who swears if you report me, I'll find out where you live and leave flaming poop on your doorstep. Ok not really, but it sounds good

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Monday, June 01, 2009

How to fix a suck-egg day in one easy step

Yesterday was one of those "everything go wrong" days... I can't point to a ton of things, just little stuff. The cat decided to make my house her litter box (anyone want to kill my a cat??) Yeah, right now, her poop is very weak with me...I am wondering why I keep her around.

I was still dealing with the aftermath of going out and things going wrong. My son had a "diet incident" while staying with his aunt and spent Saturday afternoon in the bathroom, missing a soccer game with his grandparents, and guess who is mad at me? Yeah, they are. As if I could control my son's bowel habits. (autism sucks sometimes, seriously) Then JMan and I spent the afternoon bickering over a misunderstanding, that just sucks eggs. So I was already in a bad mood.

Then I didn't sleep well, had nightmares. Sunday, we all had stuffy noses and sore throats so we missed church. And JMan and I woke up grumpy, and just there was more miscommunication all day. (Asperger's can #suckit) I was feeling really down, and wondering why I bothered to stick around instead of running away with the gypsies get outta bed. I broke a glass, dealt with JBear's sass (can I just put him on the curb for the gypsies??) and was not very receptive or expressive when JMan came home from Costco. I was running around doing laundry, and trying not to snap at the kids when I looked on the couch and burst into tears.

These were waiting for me in front of my computer. For no reason, except just to be thoughtful (and my Love Language is Gifts and Acts of Service, so it meant the world to me). Notice the chocolate. This man knows the way to my heart.

I think I'll keep him.

T, who was pleasantly surprised

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