Wednesday, June 10, 2009

100 Things Geeks Like, is yours here?

I listen to this uber nerdy cool podcast called Geeks On, hosted by four guys you never heard of out of Hollywood. But they recently finished their 100th show which was 100 Things Geeks Like. They polled a bunch of geeks in 10 categories and told them to write down their Top 10. So here, in all of its glory, is the list. I transcribed it straight from the show, so there is at least one thing that I have no idea what they were talking about. As for the other geeky stuff... I tried to link to things in explanation if you aren't a geek that most people would go,"Huh?" Mouseover to see the links, they aren't showing up because I was lazy when I created the list and didn't use the list tag 200 times, preferring a different tag, which changed the color. Live with it. It's still a pretty kick-ass post. So there.

Still, I think Geeks On forgot some things. See what you think.

100. Google - the company & the products
99. Magic- The Gathering - card game
98. Settlers of Catan - board game
97. Gary Gygax - founder of Dungeons & Dragons
96. Shadowrun -RPG game
95. Belgariad -book (David Eddings)
94. Discworld (Terry Pratchett)-book series
93. Dragon Lance (1st 3 books)
92. MENSA - high IQ organization
91. Steve Jobs - co-creator of Apple Computers
90. X- Files - tv show
89. Elektra - comic book
88. Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy - book
87. GenCon (organization)
86. Robotech
85. Carl Sagan - physicist 
84. Bill Gates - Microsoft
83. Carcassonne (board game)
82. Heroes - tv show
81. Comicon - comic book convention
80. Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) 
79. Terminator/Terminator 2
78. Sandman (gothic-style comic book by Neil Gaiman)
77. Top Ten
76. Foundation Trilogy (Asimov)
75. Knights of the Old Republic - card game
74. RenFaire - period costume faire
73.Iron Giant - movie
72. The Hobbit - animated film
71. Chess (the board game)
70. Superman  the comic
69. Pac Man - video arcade game
68. 2001: A Space Odyssey
67. Batman: The Killing Joke - comic book
66. Metal Gear Solid - video game
65. Street Fighter 2 - video game
64. JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
63. video camera
62. Batman, the animated series
61. Wheel of Time - book by Robert Jordan
60. Star Trek, the movies
59. Batman, the comics
58. Ghost in the Shell - manga and anime
57. Stan Lee - comic creator & icon
56. BioShock - video game
55. Stephen Hawking - theoretical physicist 
54. Puerto Rico - board game
53. TSR/Wizards - game company
52. GPS - global positioning system
51. Ender's Game - book by Orson Scott Card
50. Universal Remote
49. handheld game console
48. Albert Einstein - theoretical physicist
47. Final Fantasy - video game
46. Lost
45. Transformers - original animated series
44. Dr. Who - British tv series
43. Spiderman
42. The Simpsons
41.  Akira - Japanese anime
40.  Riffs (??) - edited: Rifts - RPG game, thanks @Bobbie42 !
39. Gene Roddenberry - creator, Star Trek
38. Storyteller Games: Vampire - RPG game
37. Batman, the movies
36. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - tv show (spun from movie)
35. Portal - computer game
34. Civilization - computer game
33. Matrix, movies
32. Star Trek, TNG
31. Harry Potter, books
30. laptop computer
29. Spirited Away - Japanese anime
28. Indiana Jones
27. Halo (the game)
26. NASA
25.  GURPS - RPG games system
24. World of Warcraft (WoW)
23. cell phones
22.  Alien/Aliens
21. Apple
20. iPod
19. Steven Spielberg
18. Song of Ice and Fire - book series by George RR Martin
17. console gaming (PS, Nintendo etc)
16. George Lucas
15. X-Men -  comic book
14. Twilight Zone
13. Pixar - movie studio
12. Firefly - short-lived tv series created by Joss Wedon
11. personal computer (PC)
10. Blade Runner - movie, based upon Philip K. Dick's book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
9.  Star Trek  
8.  Batman, Dark Knight Returns - Frank Miller comic
7   iPhone
6.  LoTR, movies
5.  The Watchmen - graphic novel series
4.  LoTR, books
3.  Battlestar Galactica
2.  Dungeons & Dragons - Role playing game
1.  Star Wars

I personally add: Big Bang Theory - the tv show, Macs, Dr. Demento, Jolt cola, M.I.T., robots, and zombies.

What do you think was left off? Let me know in comments!

T, who has to admit it,I knew most of the things on that list

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5 sent chocolate:

Bobbie42 said...

#40 is Rifts, another role playing system, based in a post apocalyptic future.

TooManyHats said...

We all know live in a house of geeks. It looks from this list some of that has rubbed off on me. My dh geek LOVES his GPS system - he even uses it to get to places he or I know how to get to.

Recent blog post: Alfred Hitchcock Was Right

T, blog owner said...

thanks, Bobbie! I edited the post to reflect the change.

T, blog owner said...

I have GPS on my G1. And I love it. When I want to get to my approximate location. Is the regular GPS better?

TooManyHats said...

We have one for our car and it is wonderful. It takes you right to the
location step-by-step. If you miss a turn it recalculates and gives you new
directions. I was not real excited about it when we got it, but I now see
what a wonderful tool it is. I only get a little frustrated when dh wants
to use it versus me telling him how to get somewhere I have been and he has
not - ever see RV with Robin Williams? There is a scene about just that

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