Friday, March 13, 2009

THAT'S How Much I Love YOU!

My Comment Line - Call me!Image by greggoconnell via Flickr

There have been some great comments lately on Send Chocolate, and since I really believe in the community of blogging, I wanted to be able to expand upon the discussion. So I added Comment Luv to the comments. This allows you to showcase your next post, which I think is pretty cool. So, please, take advantage of it. The only negative, if you could call it that is that now Blogger members won't have their pretty little icons showing. But, you can participate however you choose:

Guest, w/ name and no registration

Guest, include name and info, without registering

Register w/ Comment Luv which takes 5 minutes, I swear, that's all. Then you can put your picture and all sorts of stuff in.

I even enabled video comments, so let's see how that goes.

I can even allow integration with Facebook, but I am still thinking on that one.

I did this so that we can enjoy the conversation, so don't let me down! Comment. Also, this way I can get you more information if you need it.

T, who is excited about this change

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2 sent chocolate:

Topsy-Techie said...

Great idea to include Comment Luv...oh, how I wish allowed it!!

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T, blog owner said...

But it does! It was originally created for WordPress! Go to Comment Luv, click download and it will step you through it.

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