Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ok, So I Guess Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated (dammit)

Now that it has become clear that I am not dying, I must endeavor to dig us out of a week's worth of mess that comes when Mama Can't Move. (because, apparently, neither can anyone else, at least when it comes to bending over and picking up that THING that just hit the floor). Excuse me, that particular plop was my head, and it was exploding. (Did I mention my house is a wreck?)

Sadly, I am still as weak as a kitten, so I won't be doing much lifting, cleaning or yelling about the former. At least not for a bit. I am winded just going down the hall to the bathroom! So, until I recover, I will do a bit at a time. And occupy myself with other activities. Speaking of...

I took my convalescence as an opportunity to do some housekeeping. Not of the actual house, are you insane? I changed clothes and spiffed the place up. What do you think? More importantly, did you bring chocolate?

T, who figures at least the blog looks good

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3 sent chocolate:

califmom said...

I'm. Checking out the new digs from my iPhone, and they look SPIFFY! Must boot up the lappy to give them proper reverence.

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

ooh I am honored, the iPhone. (of course, everything looks good on the iPhone...)


Starlene said...

I likey! I like the large font. It loads faster on my computer, too. I wish I knew more about how to do formatting. There are some things I'd love to change on my blog, though, I haven't written anything on it for a few weeks.

Glad you are up and moving now at least. Hope it won't take long for you to feel "normal" again, whatever that is.

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