Monday, March 16, 2009

I Came From All Around Orange County Just To Tweet With You

Orange County Meet-up #tworco

This weekend I attended my first tweetup (that's where you get together with the people who live in your area who hang out on twitter). It was at The Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney. I wasn't sure what to expect, and arrived a bit late to find the first table full and it sort of felt like when you were in high school and walked in to find all the cool kids sitting at the table with no room left for you. (no, that's never happened to me either). So I took a deep breath and sat at the next table, praying others would show up. I brought J with me, so at least I wasn't sitting alone. I shouldn't have worried, very shortly, both tables were full. I had a very nice time and met some great people.

from left:@godotchris(can't see)@brd78,@melaclaro,@crispydragon,@SWgeek,@fstop23, @cloud79,@ladyblackwood,@mr_o,@kameelyan,@kirstenwright,@mannyaragon,@annwillmott

same, except @colorsign on right

from left:@ladyblackwood, @mr_o; on right:@fstop23

from left:@ksablan,@ocmarisa,@danasipper,@sipperphoto; Right:phraklet (next to @phraktyl, who you can't see)@ro, @cheapcheapcheap

@markdavidson,@DrYueh,(not sure),@thevixy

not pictured:@californiagirlj

If I misssed anyone, let me know, I will edit so I get it right. It was fun, and can't wait for the next one!

T, who was going to link all those names, but it is so late now I need to go to bed

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