Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now You See Him...

I have been after my son to get his hair cut, but he wasn't having it. Whether it was personal preference, autism and hating change, he just was not agreeing. Until yesterday, when he said he needed a haircut:

"I want a mullet!"
Me: "A WHAT? I don't think so!"
him: "pleeeease? I want a mullet!"

Now, I remember the mullet, from back in the 80's, and John Stamos and Rick Springfield were hella hot...(oh admit it, you wanted to be part of Blackie's full house on GH,and didn't you wish you were Rick's Jesse's Girl??) huh. Guess that was just least when I was 17. But that was then,and this is now, and my son isn't a wedding singer, and doesn't have an 80's cover band. And really, is he just asking to get his ass kicked?? Of course I didn't agree to the mullet, even though I polled twitter and some masochists told me to let him get one. is about self-expression, so I let him do whatever the heck else he wanted, while I sat biting my nails nervously. I was quite surprised. Here is the before and after

this is before, I think he's under there, somewhere
this is after, look, you can see, he has eyes!

It's a bit short, but it will grow. And anything is an improvement over what it was!

T, who can see her son again!

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JaneDevin said...

He's a cutie!

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