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I have a friend. Someone I really care about, I have known for a few years now. She's fierce and funny, and sarcastic, and someone I really enjoy spending time with. She doesn't live close, but she's in the same state. We try to get together when one of us in town, it averages out to about once a year, not including BlogHer. We usually hang out at BlogHer all weekend.

I don't usually write posts about other people. I worry about privacy issues. But in this case, I am going to make an exception. Because this person, who I love, her husband is very sick with cancer. And in the next couple of weeks, he is getting ready to undergo a stem cell transplant. Because he is very ill with cancer. And if this doesn't work...there's a very real possibility that nothing will.

So, here is what I want from you. Because, yes, I really want something from you. Ok, two things. The first:

RIGHT now, stop, and pray, send good wishes, whatever it is that you do to whomever it is that you talk to/worship/believe in. If you don't believe in anything, then believe in THEM, dammit. Send good ju-ju.

Secondly, please go and comment upon her post, just to encourage her. She is feeling pretty down, and since I can't do anything from here, I can at least mobilize the troops of social media. Don't think, "Oh no, I don't get involved..." WHAT'S the point of this exercise, this spewing our guts out to the world at large if we DON'T get involved? So. Just Do It.

Then, go hug your loved ones, enjoy every minute you have. Because you just never know.

T, who wants to be able to do MORE

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5 sent chocolate:

Spot said...

This is so sweet of you Tina. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I'll go right now.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, friend. I love you large.

Janet Isserlis said...

thanks for this, been following both of you for a while; Bob and Leah are in my thoughts (and what pass as prayers)

hoping you and yours are well.

Tony Letts said...

Job done

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Spot: Thanks so much for encouraging her!

califmom: anytime, my friend. Only wish I could do MORE.

Janet: Thanks for caring, and commenting to let me know you are wishing her well.

Tony: I can always count on you. :)

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