Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Postcards from the edge

with apologies to Carrie Fisher...

Oamaru in New ZealandImage by Send Chocolate via Flickr

You know how we went to New Zealand over a month ago? We were gone for sixteen days, then I came home, readjusted and moved forward. While I was there, I sent four postcards to my home address here in the states. I sent the postcards from the Blue Penguin Colony in Oamaru, to Fullerton, in Southern California, where I live. They were sent as far as I can remember, we mailed them around Feb. 20th. I waited and and waited for them to show up in my mailbox once I got home. I finally gave up.

Yesterday, guess what I found in the mailbox. Apparently, it takes SIX WEEKS to get from the south island of New Zealand to the west coast of the United States. Now, I am a pretty easy-going person, but I think this is ridiculous. It's approximately 7,000 miles from here to Oamaru... but should it really take SIX weeks for a postcard to get here? Was it on the slow boat?

Apparently, some parts of the postal service in New Zealand is privatized. I am thinking they aren't very efficient. And some say that the U.S. should privatize mail as well. can you imagine, waiting SIX weeks to get a post card? More importantly, what about time-sensitive mail?

It was surreal to find those postcards in the mailbox, after I had given up on them. And it made me think, what else might just show up out of the blue?

  • that library book I lost and paid for when I was twelve. I think it was The Endless Steppes

  • my keys, in 1988. They were on a Pooh Bear keychain, with a purple pom pom and a "Yes, I know I'm sexy" key fob. I lost them in a dive bar called Doc Rickett's, in Monterey. Pretty sure I lost my dignity there, too. But I Don't really remember. That's probably not recoverable...

  • JBug's cell phone. Yes, it's missing. Again.

  • most of my spoons, that have disappeared from the silverware drawer.

  • all of the mates to the socks that I wash together, and they come out alone

  • most of the stuff I put away when my parents came to visit and now seems lost forever in the no mans' land that is my closet

  • my mind

  • the pithy and witty ending to this post. Cause I got nothin.

T, who should have quit while she was ahead

How about you? What's the weirdest thing you've lost?Tell me about it!
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2 sent chocolate:

Spot said...

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. 'Nuff said.


Tony Letts said...

Was going to write a comment but I've lost the thread :)

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