Friday, March 05, 2010

Doggone it, I want a dog!

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I am starting to feel the need for a dog again. I have tried to resist, we all have. But the pull is getting stronger. I keep seeing pictures and jonesing. Last night, we were watching Pit Boss, about dogs. And when the urge became too strong, I turned it off to watch Kevin Smith instead. And what does he talk about? Dogs! There seems to be a conspiracy in the Universe. It's a huge decision, because in this house, pets are very, very long-term commitments.

I have always wanted a Newfoundland. I adore large dogs. I am only concerned that it is too hot in Orange County for a big, furry behemoth of a dog whose breed was birthed in a cold Canadian province. And can you imagine wet, sandy, furry dog, who drools everywhere constantly? I have also been told that due to the natural oils in their coat, they have to washed frequently or they make marks on the wall. But the heart knows no reason. From the time I was in high school and saw my first one, I want a Newf. Impractical for so many reasons. But really, I already deal with special needs, isn't this just another special need. Kind of endears me more to the breed.

A dog wasn't always an option. A year ago, my youngest had a phobia of dogs. This was partly due to overactive imagination and also due to the crazed chihuahua who lived next door and liked to attack my children when they stepped foot out of our front door. Thankfully, those awful neighbors who would not corral their mutt are gone now. And after a turn with my parents last month, who brought their dog while JNerd and I were in New Zealand, now JBean is all about getting a dog. We will more than likely end up with a another shelter dog, because, really, it feels good to give a dog a second lease on life. And I do go back and forth… I like the fact that with cats you can leave for the day or even a couple of days- and the cats can fend for themselves pretty freely. Dogs need to be walked and since they are pack animals, tend to get depressed if the pack leaders leave for any length of time. It is a lot like having another kid. But then I remind myself that I am done having babies, and maybe this is a stand-in.

I do love my cats, don't get me wrong. But when Tess, our sweet dog of 12 years died a couple of years ago, my son, then 9 I think, looked at me tearfully and said, "I just can't be a boy, without a dog!"

I understand the sentiment, son. Something about a member of the canine persuasion completes me, too. And so. We will be getting a Newf sometime this spring. It's ok if you think I am crazy, all of my friends would agree with you. And I am ok with that.

T, who needs a baby in the it Spring Fever?

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9 sent chocolate:

Jenn said...

Ahhh...when my dogs passed away last year, I never, ever wanted to love a dog again; I couldn't bear to open myself up to that kind of heartache. Really, I still find myself driving and sobbing thinking of them.

And yet, here, beside me as a type is an inherited dog from my mom, who got her from my sister, who rescued her from an awful situation.

And after all kinds of dog therapy, calm caps and every other kind of experimentation, she needs xanax; otherwise, she literally chews at the shades, doors, floors, etc until her poor teeth bleed and break. Yep. A special needs dog. Because I need more special needs things in my life. We all do. And we shouldn't forget that.

Best wishes!

PL said...

A Newfoundland would be the right dog in the wrong place. I knew someone who had one in San Diego. The dog was miserable, shedding all the time. If you were planning to move north...

Tony Letts said...

You'll love that dog - all of you

Too Many Hats said...

T, more power to ya. A dog is the last thing I would want. Dogs do not complete me, they burden me. I love other people's dogs though, so I look forward to hearing all about your new baby when you get one.

Stranded said...

cool! But what about the dog? Will he be happy in such a warm place?

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I am the same. Done having babies but not really done.

Would love to have a puppy to spoil and be my baby, but alas, Boo is terrified of dogs.

Maybe a pet rock?

Accidental Expert said...

I love Newfies! I've always wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog...another extremely large mass of fur, totally impractical, but I bet one day one will make it home with me.

Yes, it must be spring.

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!!!
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Pablo from Argentina

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Jenn: I think it is just the way we are...we are used to taking care of things, right?

PL: I know that was what I was worried about. But after talking to breeders, and to local owners of the breed, I feel better now. I think it will be ok.

Tony: as usual, you say the nicest things. We have a lot of love to give, I think.

TooManyHats: it's all your fault. I have to have a dog to run with, see?

Stranded: after talking to breeders and local owners, I think so.

Kelly: JBean was afraid of dogs as well. Then my parents came to stay for two weeks, with their poodle. At the end of that time, she was ok with many dogs. She is still afraid of large, deep-barking dogs she doesn't know.

Accidental Expert: The Bernese Mtn. Dog is awesome! Just a bit too energetic for my family, though. Hope you get your dog, too!

Pablo:Thanks for stopping by! Since your blog is completely in Spanish, it makes it hard to read...but you have some interesting stamps there.

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